Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday, Up way too late.

     I stayed up way too late working on a wedding dress.  So I also slept late.  I need to go shower and clean up and pack a bag so I can go drive later this afternoon to get my youngest and we are going to get her pregnant older sister and then drive to the Tri cities.  Doctor does not want pregnant daughter driving long distances by her self anymore.  This is her last weekend of driving as the baby is due on March 3rd and she will stay in her city area for work rather than travel.

     After I clean up I need to run through the house and get laundry put away and things just generally cleaned up.  I have more work on this dress and have more costumes to get done.  I am under a time crunch.  Babies come when they want.  Well except for mine they all came on their due date as they knew better than to up set the schedule.

     Hub's has pit practice and I hope he and Mom have some fun this weekend.  I know he is taking her to a brunch on Saturday.  I will be home late Sunday.  They get along well although she often wants to kill him for the same things I get frustrated with him for doing.  But I have lived with Sheldon Cooper for 38 years and she has not.  Hopefully I will come home to a peaceful house.

     I worked my younger celtic kids so hard last night.  Their hard shoe is fast and needs so much practice.  It was looking much better after 1.5 hours of drilling, but they were like little sweat puddles on the floor.  I think I had to scrape them out the door after class.

     Well I am off and running, have to get 6 hours of work into 4.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. I hope you get everything done that needs doing - March 3rd is coming up fast and I want you to be able to take the time and enjoy your new grandchild! I see a promising relationship between your hubby and your mother! :)