Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday, progess?

     Last week while the computer was down we did make some progress on the bills that have crept up.  I was able to get the windshield fixed in the car.  As Hub's is no longer driving it to work 100 miles round trip on logging roads it might last a month or two.  We also paid the rest of Hub's MRI bill.  By the way Sis, Auntie got her check so that is taken care of.  And then of course the bill for the computers, unexpected but had to be paid.  So I feel pretty drained financially and that is all we will get done this month unless I inherit something.  Ha!

     Mom and I worked long and hard yesterday trying to consolidate things in the kitchen.  We threw away some and made two boxes for goodwill.  Today if I have time I will go to the storage and get more boxes.  I was frustrated by about 3 in the afternoon as I had no sewing done but did manage to get into the shop in the evening.  I must pay the studio rent today as I have forgotten to do that with this cold/flu.

     Dropped off all the costumes I had altered at the high school yesterday and gave the director my schedule for next week.  I have a boat load of sailor costumes to make.  The pants are easy the tops?  I will assembly line them and pump then out. Right now I need to go steam a couple of dresses that I have altered, make several phone calls, and tackle another pile of clothes, before facing a Wedding dress from hell.  You have to make money somehow.  I need to make it, but because I sure know how to spend it.

     My younger sister is coming March 2nd for Mom's birthday March 3rd and I am counting the days as I need a break from the constant care.  She will be here a week.

     Oh by the way the chicken that we have that is supposed to lay blue eggs, has started to lay again on a regular basis.  So cute!  Right in time for Easter.  Okay it is silly to get excited about eggs, but I will take my thrills where I can get them.

     I have a lot to do before I hit the studio, so I had better get busy.

Have a great and productive day!


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