Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday, Need to clean and get busy

     Yesterday was a funk.  Can't really say why.  My bride did not show up for her fitting and she needs to or she will not have a dress.  I am really going to put my nose to the grind stone today.  The house just needs a good going through and I want to get some work done on the back deck.  I am sure I can get hub's to help me.  If he is feeling okay.

     Mom was so miserable yesterday and stayed down most of the day.  I did get her to eat a couple of poached eggs for lunch and had her eat a cup of soup for dinner.  Other than that it was ice cream.

  Funny how cold and frosty it is right now.  Last night when I came home from the studio it was freezing.  I swear it gets colder even though the sun is finally shining bright.  I do plan a little work outside as a reward if I get my inside chores done.  Lots of vacuuming and dusting and floors today.  Mom seems to keep up on the laundry and ironing.  I need to clean the cat box and empty all the trash cans.  We need to get leaf bags.

     Mom has her bed all tore apart to wash it and I need to scrub her bathroom really well again today.  So I guess I have my work laid out.  Damn.  I would so rather play or sleep or eat.

Have a great and productive day!


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