Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday, weekend update with Kim

     I was really looking forward to Saturday.  Hub's was going out cruising timber with a buddy and I would have the whole day to just relax and do what I wanted.  Like sleep as late as I want.  I have been extremely exhausted lately. So a day of just plain rest was in order.

      Mom was poking at me at 9 a.m.  I mean she was in my room poking me.  She was trying to be funny and I could have slept more, but I knew she wanted company or breakfast I wasn't sure which.  So I got up against my better judgement.  As I was getting dressed I could hear her banging around in the kitchen.  When I got in there she was making Swedish almond cakes.  I have to watch her closely.  Her sight and memory are so bad she has really messed up recipes.  This makes her feel so bad.  So I am really needed when she is adding ingredients.  Oh Joy.  So we futzed around and made 2 almond cakes.  I put them in and out of the oven and we cleaned up the kitchen.  As I was helping her I was also running up and down the stairs for more flour and margarine.  I had planned on cleaning her room this week and as I could see that she was going to keep me on a dead run  so I threw all the rugs in her room and bath into the washer.

     After the cakes we ironed the new bed ruffle for her bed and I proceeded to swap out her bedding.  Washing the old putting on the new.  Repacking the old in the linen closet once it was clean.  She likes change and this makes her happy.  I was able to get a new chenille bed spread and shams for pennies on the dollar at Macy's.  I deep cleaned her bathroom, and stem mopped the floor.  Then vacuumed her room.  She cleaned off her desk.  Now we had to go look for new curtains.

     At about 3 in the afternoon we left to go to Ross or TJ Maxx to look for curtains.  I was able to find really cute Christmas  P.J.s for the girls.  Nice Ralph Loren Christmas jammies for 5.00 a pair.  We found a curtain set marked down for 10.00.  I went home and remade the curtains to fit her window with a ruffle at the top like she likes them. Da%n it!

     We had put an chicken pie in the oven before we left  that I was to take over to a church members house.  One of our elderly members who lives with her even more elderly mother was down in bed.  So chicken pie and an Almond cake were on the menu.   Hub's came home and went with us to deliver the meal.  Hub's wanted to take us out for dinner.  I think he could see that I was worn out.  Hub's waited with mom in the car while I took in the food.  The 102 year old mother answered the door pushing a walker.  She took me into the bedroom to see her daughter who is probably 10 years younger than mom and flat on her back with back pain.  So sad.  She was emaciated.  We talked for a few minutes and I then I heard the doorbell ring .  It was Hub's " Your mom wants to know what is taking so long."  Good grief.  Don't tell that woman you are going to feed her.

     We went to a ma/pa restaurant where she ate a meal that would choke a horse.  Then we came home.  Hub's wanted to go to a movie but I had a terrible headache.  Mom's room looks beautiful she loves it.  I have learned not to sit down until I have asked her if she needs anything.  I think the headache was brought on by the fact that the mother that answered the door was 102.  All I could think of is what have I done?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Your mom is funny poking you awake!
    My mom has dementia and is forgetting a lot of things. I know I wouldn't leave her alone in a kitchen either.

  2. You made your Mom happier, it's wonderful thing for everybody.

  3. mmmmm Almond cake!! What a great community you live in where everyone helps everyone else. I think the poking might get on my nerves though - you responded so nicely!!