Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday, I'm fixed, well sort of....

     I think I just spent the longest 10 days of my life this last week.  I know that does not make sense but no computer puts a damper on things.  It makes me wonder if it is an addiction.  I know mom loved it as she does not like it when I am on the computer.  But I managed to fill the week with plenty of to dos.

     I picked up my taxes and we are getting a refund which was weird. Then they explained that Hub's had made less with no fire season and also we quit cleaning the banks so no money there.  Our money's out to college student were much higher.  I'll take it no matter what the excuse.

     Thanks Sluggy for getting the word out that I was not dead, it was merely a flesh wound.

     I went out to lunch with my best buddy on Franka's Birthday.  Mailed out Aunties check and she had not gotten it by yesterday.  I hope it comes in today.  We mailed cards and packages to daughter and grandson.  Sent chocolates to Hub's folks and daughter.  It was a mailing week.

     Mom convinced me that she wanted to go to her storage unit and get 5-7 boxes and bring them back here.  She would go through them and get rid of, give away, sell or whatever so we could get rid of the huge storage unit.  Well the real reason was to find my derelict brothers birth certificate.  I was practically killed by falling furniture, but that woman found her file cabinets way in the back under tons of boxes and figured out a way for me to get to them.  She is so manipulative and it wasn't until she told me to find that file that said Kevin that I realized I had been taken for a ride.  I thought she was having me get her taxes. It was painful both physically and mentally.  But she got his damn birth certificate.   Then I loaded up 7 boxes that she did not seem to be interested in at all.  Hmmm......

     I unloaded the boxes at the house and she has managed to find a way to keep almost all that was in them.  My house is going to explode!  Right now I have such a mess in the kitchen with her crap that I may not be able to pull out, without a fire.

     On Friday I came down with a very swift acting flu bug and I am still in the throws of that little creature.  I thought I was getting better yesterday but I am weak and feverish and chilled today.  Great!  I am so behind and the house is a wreck and mom is not helping.

     Last week was expensive.  We did some of the car repairs, paid some of the medical bills.  Then we got wopped with the computer bill.  I also had the computer rebuilt to keep it and bought a refurbished laptop.  It will alleviate a lot of stress here as far as computer time between Hub's and I.  Didn't really want the expense.  Anyway, I am back and will try to keep up with all of you soon.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hmmm, why does mom need Kevin's birth certificate?.....that's the real question, isn't it? lolz
    Yay on the refund!

  2. What's a 'Tueday'?

  3. I read this with great interest since I am walking a similar path to your life right now. If you find a way to get your mom to let go of a few things please let me know. So far my mom will not worry about anything pressing, but will be in near hysterics at the thought of giving something to Goodwill rather than finding the perfect recipient from our extended family. How many damn golf vests should one have to rehome?

  4. Welcome back! You were missed! :)