Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday, So this is retirement?

     Hub's has been retired and at home since December 4th.  However he has not been off the States payroll until now as far as I am concerned.  Last month our retirement check from the State was 234.00.  Why you ask?  Well over 28 years ago when Hub's first started working for the State he was a temp employee.  They do not take State retirement out of employees checks.  The next year he started out a temp and was then placed on full time.  The law states that all hours you were a temp must be added into your state hours for retirement so you must take the retirement out of temp hours once you are on full time.  This never happened.  So hub's had a back log of $126.09 from 1988-89, which with interest grew to over $1200.00 which they then made him pay back his first month.

     So I had to figure out how to pay all the bills on the $234.00.  Plus car repair and medical, and computer fiasco. She wondered why she could not catch up?  But I just logged onto our bank and Hub's full retirement check came in now I am waiting for his SSI. How is this all going to work?

     I was able to pay off another bill if you will notice the side bar.  Woo Hoo! We are also fast approaching dipping into another 10,000 category on the house which is always a nice feeling.  When I make a house payment it is like putting 1000.00 a month into savings so I am thrilled.  So maybe things are getting better.  I don't know.  I just need to stay positive.

     We have the official word that Daughter #2's baby will be induced on the 7th of this month if she has not had it yet and Daughter #1 will have her C-section on April 11th.  Even thought things are still up in the air with D#2 I feel like maybe I can breathe.

     I have 2 formal dresses in the shop that need to be hemmed today and then I have to go to the High School to work on costumes at 2:30 and down to studio at 4:00 and then back to High School until rehearsal is over.  I will do this tomorrow also.

     Sis and I went to mom's storage over the weekend and brought a garage full of things home  to sort and sell and donate.  The whole house is torn up again with crap every where.  It is hard for me to ignore boxes and stuff but I have to focus.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It'll get better! Way to be productive! Good luck on your daughter's delivery.

  2. Please let me know how you got your mom to willingly (or even unwillingly) part with items

  3. Way to go knocking those bills off. I also tend to think as my mortgage payments as money going into a big savings account that I will be able to access one day when I sell my house (I hope).

  4. Well that initially sucks for your Hubs retirement, doesn't it?
    It can only improve from this point on however so chin up!
    Wishing safe deliveries for both your daughters and I know you can't wait to get ahold of those new jealous!

  5. I'm with sluggy- safe deliveries to both!! What an exciting time.