Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday, Ground Hog Day!

     I know I have said this before, just so happy it is February.  Now that it is February I kind of feel sorry for January.  I don't know anyone who likes that month. Those of us who like to write lists really should love this month as it is the beginning of great new things.  Alas, I still don't like January, can't think of one reason except it starts a new year.  I am trying really hard, but no only one reason.

     When I arrived home from the studio last night at 8:30 my second chair was delivered!  Finally!  Lot's of Amazon snafus on that one.  But it is here and it is the same dye lot and looks great.  Now we can proceed with the sofa.  I am still looking.  I do think however that I will either have to recover the one I have or get an upholstery to do it.  How is it that Chippendale sofas are so hard to find?  Part of me thinks oh just take it to an upholsterer and then I look at it and I think it will be so easy to redo. Mom, hub's and I talked about it last night.  Hub's will have to rip it apart I just do not have the hand strength.  It is a future project.  One thing at a time.

     I know today, I need to get my butt in gear as I did not accomplish much yesterday.  Also the house is a little dingy as I ignored it yesterday.  Mom and I have errands to do today.  I don't know what is for dinner although I do know I am going to cook down a chicken carcass that is in the fridge.  The kitchen is a mess, mom's room and bathroom need a good scrubbing.  The family room needs love, plus all the general regular crap that goes on in this house.

     Sew not my day won't pour her grandson's cereal until he washes his hands.  Well I won't go curl and fix my mother's hair until she puts on some pants.  See how connected our lives are in blogging?

     I am off like a prom dress, (mom hates that saying)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Well there is ONE nice thing about January.......my birthday! 8-)))

  2. I am January indifferent. The weather here is neither really good nor really bad long enough to gripe about. We get enough sun that the days don't feel totally miserable, and the days are getting longer which I love!

  3. lol! Your mother.... :)
    I like January in that the house gets back to some semblance of order after the holidays and I have a weekend or two free to sew!!!! The rest of the year is a free for all and hit or miss.

  4. My son as born in January, so ther is a bright spot. I try to look at it as do-over now that the days and years are blending in together. Was that 2 years ago or 4 or maybe 20? Yeah, I agree, I won't do anyone's hair unless they put pants on. Kind of my requirement. 😜