Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday, Staying ahead of the game.

     I could have a new grandson with in the week.  So I must stay ahead of the sewing.  I have one bride to get out and several costumes.  The bride is due in here at one for a consult and I will be cutting out pants and tops this morning.  If I can just get through next Tuesday I will be fine.  Well can daughter get through next Tuesday is the question.

     I really pumped out the work the night before and yesterday. Proud of myself as I am not really in a great up mood.  Mom was very blue yesterday and I really don't know what to do.  Poor darling.

     She did make a couple of meat loaves for me. I am taking her to Taco Time for lunch today so that will make her happy.

     Hub's got the printer up and working and now has to get the other one done today.  He also has to get his insurance downloaded.  I will stay on him.  He is working on restoring my 60 year old Cosco red and chrome metal highchair for mom's birthday.  He has spent hours sanding.  I sure hope it turns out.  She will be thrilled.

     It is rainy and yucky here and I really need some warm sunny weather.  I know I should not complain as many of you are in the middle of such cold and snow. 

     Well I had better go put my face on so I don't scare the village children.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. We have lovely sunshine but it's cold...for now... but warming up for the weekend which I'm really looking forward to! I hope to get out hiking depending on the amount of flooding. You have your hands full as always but you're getting things paid down!

  2. Oh, the new baby! How wonderful! Hope everything gets finished in record time.

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