Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday,making progess

     So yesterday after blogging, I finished up a few things in the shop, then I made mom and I some bacon and eggs, she could hardly eat.  I had a few errands to run so I took her over to Sis' and dropped her off and told them to get along.  "We are a family that forgives each other."  Those were my words as I drove off.  I will not be the go between and get pulled into the drama.  I can do my own drama.  I play all the parts well....

     Hubs and I were able to paint the china cabinet and we found hinges at Habitat for humanity and then went to Home depot for new pulls.  I will wait a few days to put them on hutch.  I also did a round of the second hand stores and picked up 7 china flower pots for indoor plants to put on the low plant shelf that goes across the dining room picture window.  I sprayed them all flat white and will put my .69 cent markdown plants in the today.  So little by little.  Sure hope the contractor comes today, sigh.

     Late yesterday afternoon, Sis and Hubs moved the HUGE doll house of mother's over to Sis's house.  We also took many boxes of things and a bench that was mom's.  So my back entry room into the shop is back to what it was before mom moved in and I can hardly believe that the crap is gone.  It needs a thorough cleaning and I will do that today. 

     We are leaving for Spokane late this afternoon to take things up to daughter's new house.  Hub's will take the truck and come home Saturday night.  I will take my car and come home Monday evening. We are moving the large Swedish trunk out of the family room to take to daughter and mom wants her spinning wheel at sis's.  So more stuff out of the house. Yeah!

     Now I can't wait to get many of mom's linen's over to sis's and free up some space in my linen closet.

     I finally put the vacuum cleaner back together that I had torn apart as it was clogged with pet hair and pine cones.  The house just needs a major cleaning.

     I talked to Sissy ( my twin yesterday)  she will be here next week.  I can hardly wait.  She will put everything to right.  She will go through the place like a white tornado, then she will sit back and look at her handy work and preen like a cat and I will praise her. I am very tired of the mess.

     Well mom is waiting for breakfast and I need to get busy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. When do we get to see pictures????

    1. Soon Mysti, I feel bad as I have been hoarding a store of pictures, just too busy and I really dislike the too busy part.

  2. There is no getting busy for you. You stay busy!

  3. Isn't it soo nice when you get rid of clutter!!

  4. It's so good to see that you are spreading the joy (I mean clutter) around!! Good for you - it must feel soooo good to get your place sort of back to normal!