Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday, home for a while, I think?

     The reunion was very poorly attended, but the right people were there because I had a good time. Was able to see people who are important to me and that is what counts.  It was a whirl wind weekend of shopping and eating and visiting.  Mom and I are home and I hope to get back on even keel if I ever was on even keel.( no snarky comments I can hear what most of you are thinking)

     I was hard to say good by to my twin.  Will see her again at Christmas I hope. Little sis flew out to St. Louis last Saturday to rent a truck and drive out here.  Oh my!  So it will be rather quiet here which will be nice for all of us.

     I need to really pay attention to my bills and money as I have not except just to get buy.  Nothing drastic just need to pay attention.  Money flying all over the place with the remodel, kids loans, medical bills, borrowing and returning.  Have to go and see what is going on.  Mom just came out without pants on and said, "I am so something today."  I told her she needed pants.  So things are back to normal here.

     I do believe summer has started as it will be hot today.  I am also very behind on things around this house so I am going to make a list to post tomorrow. This list will be the things I need to get done and I will try to get one thing done every day.  I am eating an elephant.

It is good to be back.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm glad you had fun at the reunion! And yikes on the pants... My mom has been doing odd little things lately too.

  2. I find that the people I really want to see at reunions usually want to see me too! The rest, well, I don't care about very much. I graduated highschool over 40 years ago and the same core group of about 20-24 people always come to the reunions. Hey, it's too friggin' hot for pants!

    1. I agree. The same people come every time. I guess they are important to some of us. Also I am close so the expense is minimal. If I had to spend a great deal of money I would think twice.