Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday,helping sissie or myself?

     My little sister is trying to get her house set up.  I would love to spend all my time over there ripping wall paper and helping, but I have this shop to run.  It is 11:18 here and I already have had 4 people here and many phone calls.   Let's face it I also need the money.

     Last night I went over after dinner and helped her for a few hours, but I really need to be working on my own yard when it cools down.

  Neighbor brought over a huge box of large green pears and Hub's just picked at least another bushel of pears off our tree.  Neither batch is ready as they are too green, but if not picked will fall and be ruined.  I have a beautiful new dehydrator purchased for me by Hub's parents 2 years ago Christmas.  Hub's set it up but we will have to wait at least a week until these pears are soft enough to dry.

     Having a garden and processing your own food when available and it is free saves money.  We also supplement the chickens with our left over scraps and fruit falls.  This really helps cut down on the feed we buy.

    Neighbor has plums coming out his ears, I am trying to decide if I want to dehydrate some plums.  This is not a fruit we use in cooking and as I have no more kids at home do I need to waste the energy and time to do this?  I just hate to see food go to waste. Then again the sugar content of fruit that is processed is an issue.  Neither Hub's nor I nor my mom needs the added sugar.  Mom is diabetic, Hub's pre-diabetic and me a matter to time.  I was diabetic with my pregnancies.

     Things I want to get done today.

Weed at least one section of the back yard no matter how hot it is outside.
Get window shade back up in Master bedroom (I washed them a week ago)
Straighten and lightly clean the upstairs
Scrub the kitchen floor
Clean off the back deck
Plant mums
Take pictures of Kitchen as far as it is done a post on the blog:)

But first I must get my sewing done..  So off to work I go!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I ate dried apricots, the kind from the store. The thing is I would eat a dozen or so. Then, I realized I was eating more than if I had a bowl of fresh apricots. So, I cut back to one apricot at a time. Do the same with the plums. Or, rehydrate and use whirred up instead of fat in baked goods. Or, send them to me.

  2. You stay so incredibly busy. You shame me!

  3. I can fruit with almost no added sugar. Fruit's still a relatively high-sugar food I know, but at least that way it's no more so than in its fresh form.