Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday, Service work

     Spent Saturday morning cooking with mom.  We made cookies for the Salvation army.  We also made 5 pies.  One peach for our neighbor, and one peach and blueberry for us.  Then 3 rhubarb custard.  I got a call from the church that an older couple needed a meal brought in Saturday evening so I thought a rhubarb pie was just the thing. 

     Hub's and I then went to buy him some new pants.  The man took out three good pair of outdoor pants cutting down that old ponderosa pine tree.  It was very pitchy and he managed to cover three pairs of pants over the course of a month with pitch.  He is a talented man.

     I tried a new method for making peach and blueberry pie.  Add the blueberries frozen to the peach mixture this keeps the berries from dyeing the pie purple.  Just as delicious.  I know because the pie is gone, Sigh.....

     We still have the dehydrator going and have one more load of pears to go, then the neighbor will bring more, ugh.

Little Sis had one of her tantrums Saturday night, I stood my ground and she was all smiles Sunday.  Boy do I dislike that behavior. Of course I was thrown in the middle of her and mom.  Both of them are wrong, but it is the way it is handled that bothers me.

     Hub's and I are leaving tomorrow for a short vacation.  We will go bike the Hiawatha
 trail, and canoe the stream between the lower and upper Pierce lakes.  Then we will pick some blueberries up by Sandpoint.  We will also see our grandson.  Probably come home on Saturday.

     I have a lot to do today finish up a Wedding dress and hem 12 shirts.  Then I must switch money around and pack oh also pay a bill.  Oh yeah have to hem a pair of pants for hub's  can any one say scotch tape?

     Better get busy.
Have a great and productive day!



  1. Have a great getaway! Pick some berries for me..... 8-)

  2. Have a great time!!! You deserve it!

  3. Your pies sound yummy! Have a great trip! (Wish I was going on a trip, does a trip to the hospital for a few days count? LOL)

  4. Enjoy your trip!!

  5. It sounds like he needs thrift store pants for his talents. I need a rhubarb pie!