Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, Well layed plans...

     Why?  why do I try to make plans for the day?  I mean really.  What makes me think I have any control over my schedule?  I run a walk in business.  So right after I get done blogging and I am in the shop I get a call from a girl who is about 40 miles away.  She has a matron of honor dress that was ordered on ETSY.  It is the wrong size.  They reordered and paid 2X the value of the dress for a new one with expedited shipping still no dress.  Wedding is on Saturday.  I told them to bring in the dress maybe we could do a lace up back to get her into it.  Supposedly this was a ETSY site where dresses were made to order by someone in the US.

     Well the dress was from some place in China.  It was a girls size 10 not a woman's size 10.  These sites send what they have in stock and not what you order.  Regardless of measurements.  So they had paid 150.00 for the first dress, and 298.00 for the second dress, that had not arrived.  The 298.00 was still in the pay pal account or that was the woman's excuse as to why the expedited dress had not arrived.  I immediately told the woman to contact her CC company and get that charge removed.  Which she did.  I got on the phone with her CC and told them that this was fraud in it's worse form.  They get 350.00 for dresses that are not even close to fitting and then do not take them back or return any money.

     So now we have a size 10 little girls grey dress that is also a mini skirt.  I knew I could make it bigger and do a lace up back, but we would have to add a new skirt.  So off to Joann's I run to buy 5 yards of grey chiffon and satin.  Oh to make things even better the Wedding is in Van Couver ? so they need to leave at 8:30 this morning as it is a 9 hour drive.  Can it get any better?  Oh yes this can!

     I get home from Jo Ann's about 1:30 and another bridesmaid that was to pick her dress up today and had dropped it off on Wednesday ( also too small ordered on line)  calls and says she just found out her in-laws were leaving at 3 that afternoon and not on Friday.  Can I get her royal blue dress done by 3?  Bang head here several times.

     I did the blue dress getting it done by 3:10 then started on the Grey.  I also had a Wedding dress that needed to be hemmed and bustled and pressed and steamed due out today.

    I never left the shop.  Sister came over about 5:30 and helped hem wedding dress. she also pressed and steamed it, and she did a lot of the cutting and back up work for the grey.  Finally at 8 p.m. I was so hungry. Sis made me a chicken sandwich, that wolfed down on a short break.  She had to go to work early this morning so I ran over to her house to help her take her new box springs up the stairs and set up her bed.  Then I ran home about 9:30 and I finished hemming the dress , putting in the zipper, and doing the hand work.  I was done at 11:30.  Then I stripped down to my underwear in the family room and let me tell you that is quite a site. I just wanted my clothes off and the pile of clothes is still there.

     So far this morning grey was picked up at 8:30 and wedding dress at 10:30, I am now going to do the sewing that was due out today and should have been done yesterday.
    We are finalizing all the paper work for the studio and I am excited to start the new year.  It is so nice to watch the new owner with her enthusiasm and drive.  I really do my best work when I am not in charge.  Creatively I am a great second fiddle and it is time for me to pass the reigns.  This is also hard for me but I know I am doing the right thing.

     I just hope today is a little less stressful:)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Heavens, Kim, you need to not let these brides run all over you!! You are not responsible for someone's in-law's travel plans. I know you want to go above and beyond to help these people out, but don't do it at the expense of your own health. I'll bet if you said you had to stick to the agreed-upon schedule, they'd figure out a way to make that work. So much stress is not good for you! I hope you get some rest this weekend, my friend.

  2. Wowza!!! I hope you're paid well!

    1. Oh yeah I was. It was a good day actually it was a good week financially.

  3. WOW you always amaze me that you can get these last minute things done! On time! What a master seamstress you are that you can turn a girl's size 10 into something for an adult to wear!!

  4. You are impressive. It was so wonderful of you to do all of this. Most people would just leave someone in a crisis to fend for themselves. I do hope that they tipped you well.