Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday, Lil Sis is home!

     Well Lil Sis pulled in about 6 p.m. last night .  I had a crew from our church there at 7 and we were done unloading at 8.  Mom is relieved.  We missed her.  She is coming over to get Mom at any moment so I will be sewing here today without interruptions.

     Mom baked about 8 apple cakes yesterday.  Then she baked 7 dozen cookies for her church and the men that helped Sis move in last night.  We had cookies and ice cold water bottles.  I sewed like a mad woman yesterday and have two more wedding dresses done. Yippee!

     Today will be military uniforms.  Yuck really not my favorite and I also have one more Wedding dress and bridesmaid dress I would like to get done today.  That is as far as I have thought ahead in my mess of a life.

     Wow I get a whole day without mom and without Hub's in my face I am so tickled.  I think I might really get some motivation to get a few more things done around here as far as cleaning this filthy house.  Well the kitchen and the dining room are clean but that is it!

Have a great and productive day!