Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday, I did not produce yesterday

     I don't know what happened yesterday.  I did not get much done in the shop.  I did have many people pick up and few drop off and I had a bridal fitting, which always take time.  Maybe it was the distractions or the fact that I have been so busy all week.

     Made bean goulash for dinner, with mom's leftover tato salad and fruit.  We will have leftovers of that with a salad for dinner tonight.

     I wanted to get more weeding done but ended up going to Jo Anns to get mom more flannel and then over to sister's to help her hang curtains that I had fixed for her.  So I did get some sewing done.

     Today I have to get some fruit processed and I have to pick peaches.  Mom is making banana bread and I hope to get her to help me fill the dehydrator.  I need to make the crusts if mom wants to make peach pie.  I promised the neighbor a peach pie. 

     I also have had 4 pairs of pants come in this morning already that need to gout this afternoon.  I need to finish up a weeding dress for pick up tomorrow.  There for I cannot mess around today.

NO messing around.  I am great at messing around.  It is my favorite thing to do.

I actually had my little sister clean my kitchen and scrub the floor and I sewed her curtains.  See how much I wanted to clean that floor?  Now mom and I are going up to process fruit that should undo all the work my sister did for me.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. I could always trade my sewing for favors. Since I love to sew and can/could sew better than anyone I knew, it worked for me. I always thought I get the better part of the deal. Before I had a computer and while I still hated typing, I had a friend type my school papers. I made a pair of pants for her each time she typed a paper no matter the length. Then, I made her a pair of pants, furnishing the fabric from my large stash bought wholesale. I always I thought I got the better part of the deal. She worried I gave her too much in return for a simple job.