Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday, so I thought would?

     I thought I would have a normal day.  Like that was going to happen, right?  Normal the setting on the dryer....remember?

     The shop was just busy, no way to catch up throughout the day.  I did get a few of the things done that I wanted.  Well and I did get my sewing done for the day so that is probably a win.  I don't know why I feel that if I don't get everything else done I have failed.  So stupid I am.

     Did get the window shades backup.  Sissie purchased these for me about 15 years ago.  They were expensive then, and I have taken them down and soaked them in the tub and then air dried them.  They have always come snow white clean.  Not this time, however.  A dingy grey and I do not have the money right now to replace them.  I wonder if I can lightly spray paint them?

     Dinner turned out to be leftover's as I was out greeting and older couple that had gotten lost trying to find my place.  I noticed my neighbor struggling out by his truck.  Now this is the man that lost his left leg and half his right foot in Vietnam.  He had to have the other leg removed last year, so now two bionic legs.  He uses crutches a lot.  Did I just see a large cast on his arm?  Yes, yes I did.  He dropped a crutch and he was struggling to pick it up with a huge cast.  I told the older couple to go inside and I went over opened his garage door, where he works on cars, turned on the air conditioner and got him set up to work on an engine.  He had fallen and broken his arm and they had to do surgery.

     So I went inside and told mom to help me rustle up some dinner for him and his very crippled wife.  This is why I get nothing done.  His peaches need to be picked, ugh!

     I was able to get quite a bit of weeding done and will work more on that tonight.  It is very hot here and working outside is not an option.

     I think Hub's and I are going to take a few days to go up north and ride the Hiawatha bike trail.  Just get out of dodge.  We can stay with daughter and see our boy.

Well I have plenty to do today and will not add to my list.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You are such a good and kind neighbor.

  2. I want you to move next door to me when we retire..... ;-)

  3. There is home help, especially for disabled vets. Encourage him to find it. Or, find it and give him the info.

    I found out I was allergic to beef. Maybe you are allergic to pork.Go to an allergist. A blood test shows I am allergic to anything mammalian. I can eat chicken! I am at risk of anaphylactic shock from mammalian products. I am so sad.