Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, Had a great time!

     Well we are back and I am facing the firing squad.  Mom is furious with me as she found out, ( I use the words found out as a joke) that I was charging her RENT of $500.00 a month for her share of the house and food expenses.  I am there fore making money on her.  I did not want to take care of her I just wanted her money.  By the way these terms were set up by all my sisters and her in Missoula before she moved.  Sisters thought I should get much more and I said no just enough to cover her expenses and she is expensive.  But now she doesn't remember and she doesn't have any money and she is broke and we are all stealing from her.  We don't love her yada, yada.

     Then mom and Sis proceeded to get into a huge fight and terrible things were said.  Mom wants to move back to Missoula where she can rent an apartment and take care of herself for under 500 a month.  You go girl.

     In the mean time Hub's and I had a very nice if not time stressed vacation.  We had made a list of things we wanted to do and we did them but under too many time restraints.

     We drove the 2 hours to the Hiawatha trail on Wednesday and I really enjoyed having my own bike.  Seat was more comfortable, it fit my leg length perfectly.  I about had a break down ( mental) in the first tunnel as I had forgotten to take off my sun glasses and was riding in total darkness.  Scared me to death, when I finally could see I took off like a bat out of Hell or a tunnel, hub's could in no way keep up with me as adrenaline was on my side.  Then we realized that in order to catch the 2:30 shuttle we needed to get down the trial sooner than later.  This forced us to ride the 19 miles like we were on fire.  Both of us were so sore we collapsed when we got home.

     The next day we went to the blueberry files and the berries had come on early so we were really gleaning berries ad it was not worth the trip.  Sorry Slug thought I could send you some dried berries.  So we puttered at nurseries and bought a few plants for daughter.

     Friday we drove to the Upper part of Priest lake and it took about 1.5 hours longer than we thought it would.  Too much time in the car.  Finally arrived and launched the canoe to do the stream between the upper and lower lakes .  It was so beautiful and fun..  But again because of the long drive and we needed to get back to help daughter we had to really rush.  Which meant paddling like Olympians and we again were both exhausted.  I was especially sore in my shoulders and joints.  9 miles in a canoe in about 3 hours was more than I could tolerate.  Although we were able to keep up with the trolling boats in the canal.  I think they were shocked.

     We got home and daughter put me in a hot tub with Epsom salts and that helped.  The next morning we helped her get ready for our son in laws birthday bash.  We cleaned and set up.  I did three bathrooms and three bedrooms, sheets and all as new company was coming in.   Lots of laundry.  Hub's vacuumed and dusted  ( redusted) played with baby.  Daughter cleaned living area, kitchen, and family room, staircases.  Let me tell you the square footage of the stair cases alone is a job.  We were finally done by 2 and Hub's and I took off for home with a trip to the LDS Temple.  So quiet and beautiful.  Then home to the Sis and Mom show.

     The house is a wreck, the garden needs attention,  the shop is busy, lots of calls from new studio owner. The ever exploding situation between mom and sis is so hard for me It makes me realize that selling the studio was the right thing to do.  I could not have handled the stress of this mess and the studio.  I am grateful for the spirit that helps me to know what is right.  I tried to ignore it because I love my students and the art , but I had no idea that Sis would be coming here and bringing all her problems.  And let me tell you they are severe problems.  Not having to deal with opening the studio for the new year is a god send.  I am so glad that I listened to that inner voice. It reaffirms that I did the right thing, that there is a loving Father in heaven that hears and answers my prayers.

      It will be a busy last week of summer.  I just wish emotionally I did not have to deal with mom and sis.  For those of you who take care of a parent I need help and advise.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. So glad you had a great trip! Sending you best wishes and peaceful thoughts.

  2. I am so sorry about your Mom we are facing the same thing with my MIL and she is trying to say we are poisoning her - with the same medicine she has been taking for years. Hang in there

  3. I'm so sorry about your situation with your mom. I'm not in that position, so don't currently have any miracle solutions to offer up. Even though it was a bit frantic, it sounds like a nice opportunity to get away for a bit. I had no idea you'd sold the studio - wow!

  4. Funny how you are taking such advantage of mom but she couldn't see the kids who were really taking advantage of her all those years. 8-(

    I bet she costs you $500 in pie crusts and baking supplies alone each month. lolz

    I am glad you got away for a really need to do that more often and not feel so rushed.

    Just keep reminding yourself that you are a blessing to your mom.....because you are.