Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday,another day to myself:)

     Yesterday was so weird.  I am not really sure how it worked out the way it did.  Maybe the fact that I was alone in the house all afternoon.  Sis came to get mom later than she said, but that is not unusual as Sis has her own time frame and agenda.  Mom was on me to vacuum the basement as Sis's dog had chewed up and ice cream container all over the carpet.  Mom started to pick up the pieces and of course I could not let her stumble around doing that so I took over.  I dragged the vacuum downstairs thinking this will take a few minutes.  The vacuum was clogged again.
      With both my sister's here I really have not had to do a lot of house work, but neither of them realized that if my vacuum is not spinning it is clogged.  They had both complained about it but they said it had suction.  So I start to vacuum and realize that I will have to tear into it.  This is no easy job.  I have never see dog hair come out of a vacuum like that before and it almost filled a small trash can.  So when I took one pass with it on the carpet downstairs it was full again.  I had to empty the canister 10 times I kid you not the carpet was so clogged with hair.  Disgusting.  Well this was a give a mouse a cookie scenario and I started to clean.  But not in an organized way just spraying all over the house.  Now Mom is nagging me about my shop.  ^%$#@ Finally Sis comes to get her.  Good I can vacuum her room and take all the rugs up in her bath and bedroom where Sis's dog has been.

    Too make a long boring story short, I actually got no sewing done until after dinner.  B came and I needed to take her for a boob check-up and then we went to the Bon to return some things for my twin.  Then back to Sis's as B and my niece want to spend time together.  They are going to have a drink and will come to my house for dinner.  So I run home, get brats out of the freezer. I picked some corn, and put a spaghetti squash onto bake.  Made a cucumber and tomato salad.  Now we wait.  I was not feeling well and realized I had not taken my meds and I cannot do that it makes me very sick.  So I was struggling to deal with mom who does not wait well, and Sis who is not very considerate when it comes to making you wait.  Between trying not to throw up and my head exploding in pain, I just started to sew a little here, sweep a little there.  Anything to avoid mom (*&itching at me.  If I had laid down which I wanted to do all hell would have broken loose.

     Sis and the crew showed up at 8 p.m. and they still had not gone out.  I just had dinner and continued to slop around the house here and there until after they left.  So now I have piles of dirt swept up all over the house, rooms 1/2 done.  The guest room is cleaned and the sheets changed, but everything else is a work in process.

Now today I really have to get my butt in gear as I did not get all my sewing done yesterday. Yikes!

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. It sounds like you had a very productive day! I love when my days turn out like that. I have had the same problem with my vacuum because of my dog. It clogs up so fast and then I am stuck pulling out tons of dog hair! I hope you got it all resolved!

    Larry Brannon @ Leonard Brush And Chemical