Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday, Saving Madness!

     Yikes!  I have so much to do before we leave AGAIN on Wednesday.  Four bridesmaid dresses, one zipper replacement and a suit to alter.  That is all I will do unless someone has an emergency.  Someone always has an emergency.

     I have house work and laundry up the ying, yang.  What is a ying, yang?  I know what a ying and yang symbol looks like and what it means, the expression?

     I can tell Hub's mom and dad are excited to go as we are getting texts from them every 4 hours. It is kind of cute.

     I cooked a huge dinner yesterday after my Sunday nap.  I had put a big ham in the oven after church on low, then I napped and got up and dug potatoes from the garden.  I made corn bread, an apple sauce cake, fresh veggies from the garden, ham gravy.  Yum. Everyone ate and ate and tonight we will have leftovers.

     I have cooked so much this week.  Big meals at least three times.  Then laid out left overs and added dishes to feed the hoard the other nights.  Lil sis had them for pizza at a work function one night and then took them out to Tacos on Saturday while I was in Moscow.

     But as I have been messing around having fun with little one and working on B's apartment my house has suffered and here I am trying to leave town AGAIN.

on to Money saving Madness

1.  Did not go to the store at all this week for any kind of groceries. Ate out of garden and pantry.
2.  Fed all 6 of us great meals without any money lay out
3. Gave my youngest daughter a wonderful birthday present, by redoing some old furniture and helping her with her apartment.  It was fun.
4. Went to second hand stores with daughter to pick up things for her apartment. Curtain rods, a mirror, lamp shade.
5. Pulled all the corn from the garden and froze what we could not eat.
6. Canned my first 5 quarts of tomatoes
7. fed all scrapes to chickens 
8. Used coupons for Joann buys
9. reused plastic containers ( cottage cheese for leftovers)  This really works. trying not to use store bought containers.
10.Washed out good quality freezer bags to reuse
11. froze over ripe bananas for bread later.
12. Got a lot of free exercise in the garden. ( now if I could quite eating late at night)

So I feel that I have done what I could or what I wanted to to save money.

How did you do?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. that is cute that your inlaws will text. I wish my mom did!

  2. wow.. you are so busy.. admire the amount of stuff you get done each day.
    praying for a safe trip for you and family.. Have a good time, and rest some.

  3. Trying to play catch up and then Hub's young cousin calls to have us watch the baby this evening. I am in the middle of 4 bridesmaid dresses. So hub's is out walking the tyke in a stroller.

  4. I think it is great that his parents are texting in their 90s! That dressing looks delicious.

  5. I wish my dad would text! He has no desire to learn how. LOL

    1. My mother can barely use her cell phone and Hub's parents are texting. Well at least his mother is.