Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday, Back in the saddle, or backwards in the saddle?

     The eclipse was a wonderful experience and made all the better as it was experienced with family.  All of us out on the front lawn of my sister in laws ranch house sitting on chairs and looking at the sky with our silly glasses.  The cattle started to settle down long before the sun went out.  The chickens roosted, the crickets came out, it got very cold and the breeze stopped.  The large flocks of birds that swarm the spilled grain on the roads all went into the trees and it became very quite.  My brother in law stopped harvesting as soon as the relative humidity sensor went off indicating too much moisture in the hay.  It is funny all the things that the sun gives us and how it affects us even when only a little bit of it is showing.

     Hub's and I left about 5 hours after the eclipse to come home as we thought the traffic would be gone.  Boy were we wrong!  It took us 3 ours to drive 7 miles and we turned around and went back to the ranch.  So yesterday was a long 11 hour day of driving.  I picked up mom last night and she was so glad I was home and so was Lil sis..  Lil sis has been more than a trooper and needs a break.  The first thing mom did after I got her unpacked was to spill her entire soda all over her bedspread and quilts.  I love my life.  I have really missed this.

     Mom also ended up in the hospital again when I was gone.  Poor Lil sis.  Mom was in rare form as usual and now we have a social worker calling on us to check and see if she/we are okay.  I don't think they are suspicious of anything, just routine.  They realize mom is off her rocker and is not abused.  But I really need to see what I can do about this going into the hospital every time I leave.

     I have tomatoes to can and I need to do peaches also.  The shop is going to be very busy today and I have a lot to do.  So I have to get back in my saddle.

     When I come back from being gone for a week, I feel disoriented.  I did not get any house work done before I left so everything is a dusty mess. The shop is really bad.  I sewed frantically on 4 bridesmaid dresses right up until we left and I cleaned up nothing.  I have laundry to do and I need to clean out the fridge.  Have no idea what to cook for dinner, but will figure it out soon.

     If I turn backwards in my saddle I don't have to see the mess, or the work.  I think I will stay here for a while.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. I need to ride backwards in the saddle. Elderly people do get sick when their main caregiver leaves. It is the fear you will never return and what will they do then.

    The house is left a mess when I go away.

  2. Total eclipse traffic from here to Nashville was horrific. Same with coming back.

    1. We never get traffic jams so this was a real eye opener.

  3. Glad you had a little time without too much chaos, but isn't it great to come home to?
    We should exchange phone numbers and have therapeutic scream sessions when it gets too much for us.

  4. A cousin posted her view of the road to Jackson's Hole(or should I say "Jackson")in a line of traffic from her camper. She decided last minute to go up to near where ya'll were from her home in CO to view the eclipse. It looked like madness and you should have waved to her.

    I am glad y'all had a good time and you're back. Now get to work*cracking the whip*.
    And I don't know what you are talking. Your mother is just a DE-light! *rolls eyes* No really....if you don't have to deal with her and you are company she is fun. 8-)))

  5. Your eclipse experience sounds wonderful. We only saw 90% but I sat outside to see if my dad's animals were going to notice. They didn't seem to notice at all. One rooster crowed but that's all. Sorry about your mom. I hope your week is getting better!

  6. Sorry about your mom.. This is so hard. My mom has dementia, and is getting worse each day.. So sad..
    KNow your exhausted , after the long ride home.. Take it easy.. You have too much on you.. Praying for you.

    1. Thanks, I am trying to tell myself to slow down a bit.

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