Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday, Fruit failure:(

     I went with hubs and bought 3 lugs of fruit.  2 boxes of peaches and 1 of nectarines. I brought them home and they are too green to can.  I realize orchards pick fruit early to prevent bruising.  I really like to pick my fruit myself, but the neighbors peach tree did not do well this year.  Mom really likes canned peaches and other fruit.  I can make it with a light syrup for her.  I know you can buy canned fruit but it is not nearly as good as mine.  You can eat the nectarines  and they are sweet the peaches need a bit of time.

     I got up this morning after sleeping later than usual which was so nice.  I made up a double batch of light syrup and loaded 20 quart jars into the dishwasher on sterilize.  I started a large pot of water boiling to remove skins.  After struggling with the first 5 pieces of fruit I told mom we needed to wait a week.  So  put baggies over my sterilized jars and put the syrup in a gallon jar in the fridge.  I took the peaches I had peeled and also took the last peach pie filling I made out of the freezer.  I made up 8 pie crusts and made two peach pies.  Then I froze the remaining 4 crusts to use later.  I love having crusts in the freezer; it is so easy to pull out a crust a whip up a pie or a tart.

     I have all the jars on a corner cupboard waiting for later. Sis talked to my cousin and my Uncle is in the final stages.  He is not eating and his breathing is labored.  It is time.  I have not said anything to mom.  I had a little weep earlier this afternoon.  I want Uncle to go.  I don't want to deal with mom.  She will have no siblings left and it is so sad.  She does have a younger sister that was adopted from an Aunt that had her out of wedlock.  But mom has never been super close to her. I am hoping maybe mom and she will reconnect at the Funeral.

     I am going over to Lil sis's house to help peel off wallpaper off another bedroom.  Yippee!  So fun, sweaty, messy work.  Kind of like canning peaches.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Store-canned peaches are great, but nothing compares to home-canned peaches. My mother canned several bushels each summer and we loved them in the winter just for eating.

  2. favorite.. You are right, so much better than store bought cans. SOrry about your uncle.. Know this will be rough for your mom.Praying for her and family.

  3. Nothing better than home-canned fruit! The work is well worth it. Sorry about your Uncle. While no doubt it is time, it is still sad.

  4. I know she has to know, but will she ever find out if you don't tell her right now. Or, will you go to the funeral? I was thinking to pick a perfect time to tell her, like when she has more of her mind and strength back.

    1. She has been to see him twice in the last 3 weeks. She knows it is coming just not when.

  5. My dad was one of seven - it was really sad when the final uncle died. My mother was one of four - the last one is now 93. Then me and my siblings will be the OLDEST generation. Can barely believe that I'm getting that old!!

  6. It is weird how one generation takes over and become to older ones. I am not ready to be a older one.

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