Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday, getting ready....

     I sewed until late last night and I am still not done.  My stress level is high because of money.  Here we are going again and it will cost money and we have the sprinkler bill looming and I just found out I will only get 1/2 what I usually get from the studio this month.  So my money savings is out the window.  We will be okay and I am certainly in a much better situation than I have been in the past, it is just discouraging when I work so hard.

     I can't do anything about the situation but work and figure things out.  Cut my coat to fit my cloth so to speak.  Things will turn around again next month and I will get back in the saddle.

     I just have to be grateful and count my blessings.  When you have debt and a tight budget it is easy to feel sorry for yourself and start to spiral into anger and doubt.  Or to start beating yourself up over past behavior.  I need to look on the bright side and see that I will be okay.  I don't need to panic.  Just ride this out and start over.

     I have enough to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over my head, money constantly coming in and my health seems to have stabilized. I have a family that loves me, good friends that I need who need me and whole beautiful world to enjoy.

     I get to go an see my grandsons again and travel to a beautiful part of the world and watch and amazing solar experience.  The universe is grand and so is my life.  Things are better, maybe not today or this hour, but overall they are better.  A bump in the road will not derail me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Well, you had choices. And, you chose friends, relatives, and travel. And, you knew the consequences of not working. You made good choices. Of course, the shop was not foreseen. Yes, you have lots and you will have more. You can recover which is more than most people can say! Rejoice over the choices you have.

  2. So sorry about the troubles.. But so inspired by your wonderful out look.. Know its rough for you.. Praying you will have a restful and enjoyable time away. Praying for safe travel for each of you.

    1. I see them as inconveniences. Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. I know what you mean about monetary bumps in the road. As I'm doing my bills yesterday, my daughter comes in and says, "I need to see a doctor...." dang... It will get better. It will get better.

  4. I needed this post right now as I was feeling discouraged. Thanks for putting things in perspective. Our problems are pretty tiny compared to most of the world.

  5. You are doing right by focusing on the positive. This too shall pass!

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