Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday,Sluggy is gone and I miss her:(

     Well let me tell you I have had a great time this last week.  It was a go, go, go week and I am tired.  Slug and I actually took it pretty easy yesterday as I had a stomach ache and she just needed to rest.  Driving and going constantly is nerve racking and just too much sometimes.  The men went out to museums and Slug and I went to Rite Aid and Big Lots.  It was just so much fun to be with her.   We laughed and laughed.  Sluggy will surely detail this trip and I don't want to ruin her posts for you, but I am telling you we saw our lives flash before our eyes a few times this last week.  It will be a trip to remember.

     I dislike coming home from a vacation because you have to get back into work and the production schedule.I still have to unpack and do laundry.  The garden needs attention and I have to go through the fridge and organize a menu.  Also have to take stock of the shop and see what I need to do first.  Make a grocery list, pay bills and just catch up in general.

     Mom has many errands for me to run today and I need to spend some time with just her. The rest of the month is jam packed with short travel trips and projects.  This weekend we will run back to Missoula so mom can see her brother who is failing fast.  Then on the weekend of the 12th I will help D#3 move into her new apartment.  We will leave for the ranch on Wednesday the 16th to pick up Hub's mom and dad and then onto Twin Falls again to get some sewing done for daughter and then onto Ashton for the Solar eclipses.  Then home and we may end up going to a family reunion in Minnesota over labor day.

     Now I have to be able to produce work and save money while I do this and I am not sure if that is possible. At least it is weekends that I am gone.  I will really have to produce when I am home.  All I can say is UGH!

     I miss my Sluggy.  I have to get to work, blah!  But in tomorrows post I will expect a big hurrah from all of you!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. About time you came back! Glad you and Sluggy had a good time. I'm eager to hear all about your escapades!

    1. Well we did go out on the high prairie in 4 wheel drive machines and got stuck in a rain hail storm, saw our life flash before our eyes as well as lightening and then laughed about it afer words.

  2. One of those moments you'll remember forever!! So glad you and sluggy had such a great time together and I had to laugh that you ended up at Rite Aid and Big Lots on your final day!

  3. We had a fun time Monday night with le family Slug, and I too won't give away any sluggy adventures, but woah!