Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday, Life is just peachy

     Well I got the little demons to leave me alone yesterday and I forced myself to finish and start many things in the shop.  I have to spend the majority of my day in there today.  It is staring to get over crowded especially with Wedding dresses.  I am just very, very busy.

     We can't find mom's car keys and her car needs to be moved or it will be towed.  Just one aggravation after another.  We moved the car over to the church parking lot where Lil sis lives.  Don't know what we will do if we can't find either set of keys.  Mom insists Lil sis took them to keep her from driving.  Lil sis says she doesn't have them. Now mom is all up in arms. Ain't life fun?

     After my rant yesterday, I hurried an straightened the upstairs.  It still needs some love but it will do for now.  The peaches I had planned to can Saturday were ready, ready.  So at about 3 in the afternoon I went up and mom and hub's and I canned 27 quarts of fruit.  Hub's did the outdoor pressure canner, mom did the best she could, with my constant reminding her.  As in:  "Those don't have any syrup yet!"  Don't put the seal on I haven't wiped that off yet!"  Because she cannot see she was really limited to putting peaches I had sliced into jars.  But she was trying to do other things and even though I would remind her over and over she could not keep the process straight. What a mess.  She slopped peachy citric acid water all down the front of the cupboards and there was a river of sticky goo all over the floor.  But she was thrilled to be helping, so I just let it go.

     My feet swelled up yesterday as it was 110 in our neighborhood, and with teaching for three hours the night before I think it flared my arthritis.  I was really limping about dinner time (6 pm) and we had taco salad as it was easy.I did not get the kitchen cleaned up until about 10 pm.  It took forever to clean up the mess.  My feet are better today but I will not be running any marathons this week.

   Today it will be sewing, sewing, sewing. Because I needs the money to get out of debt and I am on a roll.  I have kicked the demons to the curb for today,

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Kim , praying for you. Proud you were able to get all that stuff done.. Know this is rough on you. Praying for your mom too. hugs.
    The peaches sound so good.. You will really enjoy them this winter..
    Hope your heat settles soon.

  2. My mouth is watering for those peaches. Well, don't want yours! I dribble pepper jelly down the front of my cabinets, and am not sure ten years later if it is all off yet. Will the church not show a little compassion and let the car remain a few days? It costs, but the dealer of her make of car can make a key. I have had to do that before. You may have to take your mother to the dealer, but that beats a towing charge. It is in 70s here in AL in the middle of the day. Take care of yourself.

  3. So true, we will all deal with many negative and difficult things in life, but feeding the negativity never breeds joy!

    What a sweet daughter you are to be patient and understanding with your mom. So many are disrespectful and uncaring towards their aging parents these days. It's so sad...

    Hope you have a wonderful day~

    1. Some times I don't feel so sweet.:)

    2. It's a struggle for us all at times! :) I hope you have a lovely evening~

  4. Oh so sorry about the missing keys! Those peaches sound amazing and now I want some peach cobbler.

  5. Keep plugging away. It's all we really can do!