Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday,Money Saving Madness

     So rather than canning peaches I spent the weekend tearing wallpaper off walls.  Two of the walls were double papered.  What a mess.  But another room is done in my sister's house.  Now we only have two more to go.  We have fun and work well together.  Now if we could get my twin in the mix we could really break sail, but we would probably spend so much time laughing nothing would get done.  Like watching Lil sis put away a bed frame get in a fight with it and lose. Imagine Carol Burnett on steroids.

     We have been eating peach pie and it is so good.  I put myself on a diet now as I have eaten myself into not fitting into some clothes and I will not buy new ones so there.   No more pie for me. sniff, weep, I loves me some pie and I loves me some bakery treats.  Ask Sluggy she will verify.

     I have tow wedding dresses to finish up today, and a pile of pants to shorten.  It never ends.  I have already had 4 phone calls, and three customers here before 11.

     Also new studio owner called and needs me down there at 4 so I can teach while she deals with new parents and students.  She was going to teach and I said no you be the boss and I will play with the kids:)

  Money saving Madness:

1. Tried to not eat out at all on this last trip.  We did eat out once so we saved there.
2. Managed to drive an 11 hour day so as not to pay for a hotel.
3.Cooked all meals from scratch at home.
4. Picked and canned 4 more quarts of tomatoes.
5.  Made a huge stir fry all from garden veggies and ate on it for 3 days
6. Fed all table scraps and veggie peels to chickens.
7.Touched up my own roots with a kit purchased the Sluggy way for pennies.
8. Bargain shopped to replace rug by the back door.
9. Used coupons at Joanns and did not let temptation get to me on fabric.
10.  When picking up fruit to can found grassfed ground beef 1 lb. packages marked down to 1.99 a pound.  Usually 7.99 bought all they had and froze.
11.I love taking a package of boneless, skinless chicken out of the freezer that I paid 3.46 for and making 5 meals.  It just really pays to buy on sale and plan ahead.
12.  Used up several spools of thread that was given to me on mending rather than using thread I have purchased.
13.reused cottage cheese and sour cream containers exclusively as I am trying to cut down on the plastic I buy.
14.Pulled mini loaves of banana bread out of freezer when mom wanted a snack.
15.  Hung moms bedding out to save on dryer time.  (yes I washed her bedding AGAIN don't ask)
16.  Tried to be more conscience about turning off lights when I leave a room
17.  Hub's changed the oil in our pickup himself saving us $35.00.

Well I had better get busy as I have so much to do today before I go to the studio.  Like maybe set my hair and put on my makeup so as not to scare the children.

Have a great and productive day and remember: " be positive while you are in the negative"



  1. Hello!
    I am loving too much peach pie myself! : )

    1. Okay make a deal with you who ever loses 5 lbs first....

  2. Dang!....grass-fed ground beef for $1.99 lb?
    And yes, Kim has quite the sweet tooth, as my trip photos will attest to. lolz

  3. I am glad to see you got all the ground beef instead of leaving some for other people as some suggest on bargains! I would have gotten it all, too. If you have not switched to LED lights, try that for saving money. Read up on it if you have not. Now, I want pie!

  4. I am not a cooked fruit fan, so peach pie is easy for me to go without eating. However, I made peanut butter pies for a family reunion this past Saturday and one is screaming at me from the freezer.
    Impressed with your money saving this week.

    1. Now peanut butter pie I can leave alone. I like peanut butter but not in a pie. Sluggy force fed me bakery treats for a week and now I can't get into my pants. It is her fault.

  5. That is a fantastic find on ground beef. Now I want pie....

    1. See how much influence I have over you weaklings.

  6. Peach pie did you say, delicious! Peach pie is always hard to avoid, most pies for that matter, my weakness is pumpkin pie with extra whipped topping!

    Sounds like you have been busy and dealing with wallpaper is never fun, but better with good company!

    And ditto on the hair and makeup, while I don't wear a lot of makeup or super fancy hairstyles, I need both and a splash of perfume to feel like myself!

    Have a great night and thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my first blog post!

    1. I thought your blog was great. I am too busy and lazy to post pictures very often.