Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday, Blogger on the fritz

     I could not post to save my soul yesterday.  Blogger would not let me.  Such an aggravation.  I am busy and don't need to mess around with a computer that won't behave.

     It is very, very hot here.  Over 100 for a week now and will last at least another 3 days.  I love the heat, but eventually it can become oppressive.

     The girls are keeping busy, with crafts, cartoons, swimming, baking and tonight we are taking them to a children's performance of Peter Pan.  Sis has them in the evening, and I during the day.  This gives me time to catch up on things I cannot get done when they are here.

     The shop is very busy and I have so much to do.  Many many bridesmaid dresses and men's suits to alter. I just seem to go, go, go and although things are getting done, I feel like I am always behind.  I guess this is better than having no work.  I will call myself blessed.

     We still have not received the sprinkler bill and I have not been able to put any money in savings this month.  But then I have not sewn much this month.  An  item here and item there.  Yesterday I really got back in the saddle so to speak.  As we are leaving again next Wednesday for 6 days I need to get money and things caught up.

     Right now I have the driveway full of old furniture I am repainting for our youngest daughter's new apartment.  I love redoing old things.  I have several old small tables of my mothers, and old dressers.  Also and old sewing machine table to make into a dressing table.  The apartment is much larger and everything in it is a give away item.  Remember those days? Scratched and beaten up things get a good sanding and a new coat of paint.  Hub's and I went up Monday night after I got home from Missoula and we picked up a car full of old and ugly college furniture and I will return it shiny and new (well almost).  I would love to go into the refurbishing business but alas don't have the space of time.  (thank goodness and a collective sigh from Hubs)

     So in between sewing and fetching Popsicles I have been going out to the driveway to give things a coat of paint.  I should finish two dressers today and a couple of tables.  Then onto another dresses and the makeup table.  I have an old table over at Sis's to redo and a couple of dining chairs. I want to get this off my list before we leave next week but I don't know if that is possible.  We will see.

     If you have nothing to do today come to my house.

Let's see, water plants, pick produce, pull things for dinner, check the chickens, paint, sew, cook dinner, entertain, yikes!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. If I ran back and forth between painting and sewing, I would end up with paint on the sewing. I am doing nothing, but I do have things to do.

  2. I'll be right soon as the temp drops below 80F.

    1. Hey, It was relatively cool when you were here. I have a constant headache, and I can't breathe.

  3. Ha,ha.... Wonder what it means"have nothing to do"...hahahaha
    you have your hands full.. try to take some me time too.
    Seriously, wish I were close by, I would drop in and help you ..[And surely I would be

    1. I actually stripped down to my underwear last night right in the family room. My shorts, shirt and bra are on the floor to prove it. I was just so tired of my sweaty clothes.