Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday, blah must start taxes today!

     So I am getting ready to take all my files up to the dining room and get ready to do my taxes.  I am also getting ready for a back ache sitting hunched over an adding machine.  Every year I get stiff and sore doing this.

     I need to go to Staples and get a new ink cartridge for my adding machine.  I also need to do a little banking before I start.  The last bill of the month will be paid.  I will pay the tithing on Sunday, then off to February.  Wow we just had a bad brown out and I did not lose anything!

     Hubs and I went to Arby's last night for dinner.  I had a coupon and a free meal card so it cost us nothing.  They have these huge fish sandwiches on special and I just eat the fish, my chicken eats the bread!  I was just too wiped out to cook.  My arthritis meds are working but boy do they make me tired.  I mean bone crunching tired and I don't like that feeling, although I will take it over the pain.

     I need to finish one project in the shop today, I am going to get my housekeeper to help me as the project will be easier with two of us measuring.  Housekeeper is having surgery on Monday, so I may be at her place most of the day after the accountants, reversing roles.  I just don't want her to be alone before her mom gets off work.

     Well I have so much to do in the next two days, adding and adding.  But it will get done and I won't have to face it for a year!  Yippee!

Out My Window:  It is supposed to get cold again, drat hate the bills when it is cold, but love the snow.  Okay don't throw things at your screen, because they won't hit me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Us too, it is tax time and I am dreading it! Want to get it done earlier than later, that way if we owe, which we usually do, then we have one extra check and a bonus to save part of.

    I know this cold is not good with your arthritis either. Sending warm vibes your way - a balmy 70 today.

  2. Mine took 20 minutes, no adding machine here, the software did all the work lol

    Good luck!


  3. We are waiting on more snow..I wonder if I mail you a snowball if I can get DH to throw it at you :)

  4. I do my taxes online with H & R Block and it is soooo much easier than doing them manually like I used to do!

  5. Best of luck! I am waiting on one last W2, so hopefully I can do my taxes as soon as I get those. Hope you feel better! On our side of the map, they're calling for more snow/rain this coming week. We'll see what the groundhog has to say about spring when it's freezing out!

  6. Good luck with that. Our taxes are pretty straightforward so I do them online. Easy. Hubby brought home his w-2 last night so I can do them this weekend. Usually I work on them during the super bowl :)