Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday, I miss my Udy...

     I am really missing Udy and some of you that used to post regularly, get with it will ya!?  Worked until almost midnight last night at apartment and got a lot done but not finished.  Mostly clothes and laundry.  I don't think D#3 did laundry the entire year.  Now I know she did but what a mess of clothes.  Mostly bed linens.  So hub's and I and D#2 will go up again tonight after he gets off work and Hub's will hang pictures and curtain rods and put a bed together.  We should be done this evening and it will be a nice place for them to live.

     D#3 is getting massive hours at her new job and they are training her in all areas.  This is good as it gives her so much experience at different skills, which will make her life easier.  Like learning to cook.  I think d#2 and I filled a dumpster last night with junk.  It was amazing and she said she gave away and threw away so much before she moved it down.  We Americans have too much stuff.  We always think we need more .

     I am mowing through laundry right now and doing the ironing pieces as they come out of dryer.  I was able to transplant several plants this morning that needed to be split and move them around the pond area.  I need to run to the studio and get something and leave a check for a teacher and then get home and hit the sewing machine.

There went the buzzer on the dryer!  Have to run!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. me four..oh wait I am udy. I promise once I get life under control, bills paid off, more time to myself I will make it back. Unfortunatly something has to go and when I would get on to blog I would read all the blog and then they would lead me to other blogs and it was just the one thing that that had to go

    But don't worry I still hop on and read I promise

  2. I'm working so much that it's craziness, but I try to update on weekends. I'm not that reliable these days. ;-)

  3. Udy, I miss your attitude -- my days were better when I read your blogs and knew you were doing OK. Sending many blessings and hugs, Linda

  4. I know, I know... I've been a slacker.. :(

  5. Good to hear from you Udy!! Kim - I can't even tell what the flooring is in my daughter's room there is so much clothing and "stuff" covering her floor. I'm leaving redecorating her room til last!