Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday, moving along.

    Woke up today with a bad backache.  Now what is that about as I really did nothing strenuous yesterday but sew?  I am slowly plugging along on this months bills.  Managed to get 2 big studio bills paid and my house payment.  I am pretty much flat broke now so have to work at getting rent for studio paid.   I did find out that I am ahead on a few bills and will not have payments due until the end of July.  Hub's gets a bonus and a small raise and an extra paycheck in July so we should be okay and play catch up.  I dislike playing catch up but at least I have the option so I should be grateful.

     My biggest problem is that I see these large sums of cash come into the shop ($185.00 on Monday) and ($195 on Tues.) and I want to put the money away or have some fun.  But in reality it immediately has to go to the bank to pay a bill.  Someday I will be able to keep this money but not today.  It is frustrating. I have two large bills that are due some time in July also one is for $500.00 and the other is for $1195.00.  I will need to find a way to pay these. Right now though I am going to worry about my studio rent and nothing else.  I can do this.

     The house is a pig sty especially the down stairs so that will be my focus today along with my shop.  I also should set up a June budget and get the desk cleaned off.  Just because I have no money does not mean.  I need to be a financial slob about my paper work.  I also need to bake bread today we are out.  Hub's ate took the last piece in his lunch last night.  I also need to find something for dinner.  I think I will take chicken out of the freezer.

      I have some paper work to file with the Secretary of State, so I will say goodby and get to work on that before I start my whirlwind cleaning of this house.

Out My Window:  Beautiful blue bird days, but we need rain.  Warm, sunny perfect weather.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I so wish it was easier for you. I feel like that though a lot - day late, dollar short - as my grandmother used to say.

    Backaches can come from sitting in one position too long. Sewing all day does that to me, so I try to break it up with cleaning - clean a little, sew a little. I don't think you have that option though! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. We've been having cloudy days all day this week. Dark and cloudy from 7pm to about 2pm, then maybe some sunshine (hello, muggy humidity!), then back to cloudy. It is cool, so I am grateful. As Jenn said, do you do stretching exercises after certain number of hours sitting at the sewing machine? I sit all day at a desk, and I know that after 2hrs, I just have to get up, even if it's to do a round around the office... it helps. Feel better.