Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday, Still floating on the clouds!

     I am still on cloud 9 around here, (where did that phrase cloud 9 come from?) although I have had terrible fevers and night sweats the last two nights and have soaked the sheets and my pj's.  I knew a flare was coming, eyes are goopy, jaw is tight, and this morning my hands are blown.  But I am still on cloud 9.  I took an anti inflammatory and I am going to work through this, this morning.

     Thank you for all the kind words and congratulations, I am in such a state of shock that I have decided to just cruise for a few weeks and come up with a plan.  Financial plan that is....  I have so many ideas running around in my head that I am in a dither.  It is fun to dream and plan although putting it into action is a different story.  I am going to take Sluggy's advice and talk to a financial guru.

     Baked 5 loaves of bread yesterday.  My big decision was to divide dough into 5 instead of 4 loaves as it fits in the toaster better.  I could not make bread if it wasn't for my bosch mixer.  It does all the work.  If I had to knead and work the dough I would be finished.  It would just be too painful.

     Today I am concentrating on laundry, ironing and sewing.  Tomorrow we are taking (Rose) the Irish teacher back up to her home as she has a wedding to be in and she usually takes a bus home.  We will stay at her studio's apartment over night and then we will do a little biking and shopping before we meet our friends and stay with them Friday. We also have a Wedding on Saturday in Spokane and will then come home.  I hope I feel better this weekend.

     There is a sprinkler head outside by the garden that is wonkie so I suppose I will be digging that up later this afternoon when is cools down, right now I am going to hook myself to my sewing machine. BLAH!

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. That's funny, but I also wondered about cloud 9 sometime this past week. Haha. Never did get around to researching it. Hope you feel better. Good thoughts are a start, for sure, but hope your body aches follow suit and stop bugging you!