Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday, still a little grey around here....

     I swear I did not leave the shop all day yesterday and the phone rang off the hook!  I will be busy today with pickups.  I still need to finish a little beading on one of the dresses and also hem two 3 layer bridesmaid dresses.  They will be picked up this afternoon.

     Yesterday Rucifee(Lucifer) my large 7 toed long haired cat came merowling (yes that is the word he says) down the stairs.  He would not shut up all the way down and then down the long hall to the shop.  I knew he had something alive in his mouth as this is his way of sharing with me.  He had obviously come from the back yard.  I jumped up from my beading to head him off at the shop entrance, what ever he had , had a long flippy tail and I was not going to have whatever it was loose in the shop.  I stopped him at the door where I had unfortunately place 7 large tutu dresses on a chair.  He immediately lost whatever his prize was in the tutus.  Gross!  I picked up a broom and started to lift tutus one at a time waiting for creature to spring while Ruce waited patiently for praise.  Finally I spotted a 4 inch long black and white striped salamander crawling quickly through the dresses.  It finally crawled high enough in a tutu for me to whisk it out in the garage and let it escape.  It had a bright blue almost florescent tail.  Never saw one like that.  Ruce continued to look for his treat for an hour.  I am so blessed.

     I had two other emergency sewing calls after my blog post.  One was easy, but one was a full suit obviously the man was a (no neck) undercover something.  His luggage had been lost coming into this small airport.  He looked D.C. to me so I told him his luggage had probably gone to Lewistown, Montana as that is where my husbands always went when he flew out of the capitol when he was in the military.  The no neck just looked at me.  Anyway he had purchased I am sure what was the only suit in Lewiston that would fit him.  It was a nice suit but needed cuffed.  At least that is what he told me when he called me in emergency state using the police chiefs recommendation.  I do all the police uniforms and sometimes things have to be done stat.  Well the pants were too large, the sleeves were too long, he had to wear the suit for at least two days until his luggage showed up.  He said he would just cinch up the waist if I could just cuff the pants.  So my response was,  "You want to look like you are from around here?"  Just walk around in an obviously new ill fitting suit.  I then asked him if he wanted an SSS panel put in the lining to hide what he was packing if he had to reach his arms out?  He just looked at me and said, " yes, mam."  So I had to completely tailor a suit and put a heavy buckram panel inside the lining to stiffen that part of the jacket.  It is referred to out west as a shoot, shovel, and shut up panel.   He will pick this up anytime now.  So that put me a little behind on the dresses.

     I have to finish the two dresses steam them and then I have one more suit to alter and I am done until next Monday.  The shop is still full but my elbows are shot and I need some time off.  I did not get any house work done yesterday except one load of laundry and the vacuum pulled out into the middle of the floor.  That counts right?  Because it looks like I tried to do something?

     I am heading for the shop,pray for me.......

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That sure was an adventure, but pretty cool the police would recommend you to get stuff done. Poor guy, hope he finds his luggage. Have a good weekend. Good luck finishing the rest of the dresses.

  2. Seems like there's lots of items that need to have your attention.

  3. I stepped barefoot on a salamander in the lawn last summer, I thought I would have to chop off my leg to get rid of that squishy slimy feeling!! Blech! A snake with 4 legs is what they are!

    Very cool with the fed needing a suit!

  4. Your post made me happy that my 20 year old kitty doesn't go outside anymore as I don't miss those "gifts"!