Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday, I was bad yesterday

     I just could not make myself sew yesterday like should have.  I puttered in the yard.  Actually I worked really hard around the stone walk and the pond.  Both the neighbor and Hubs reminded me about how sick I got several years ago cleaning the pond by ingesting an organism.  But I do not have the money to have it professionally cleaned and hubs can't do it.  This would involve bending over.  I have him on a diet and he is a grouch.  I actually took two pieces of strawberry/rhubarb pie out to the chickens so he could not come home and eat it.  I am evil.  My scale likes me again and I have lost 3 lbs so far.  I am 9 lbs away from my goal.

     I had a ton of work come in yesterday so I really am going to get into the shop today and get busy.  But I love being outside and it is such a chore.  I have almost got the stone walk done, I just have one more bag of sand to get into it.  I also have cut and trimmed everything around the pond.  I have the skimmer emptied.  Now I have to clean up all the trimmings and I hope hubs will help me with that tonight.

     We went on a bike ride last night on the levee and tonight I think we are going to do the loop.  It is so cool and nice down by the river and the breeze blows in your face.   I am getting used to the new gears on my bike.

     We had a big thunder/wind storm with very little rain last night and the yard is now kind of a mess with limbs and leaves all over.  All the patios and walkways are covered, but I decided to finish around the pond and clean up at the end.  Then is can all go into the truck and out to the dump.   I am a sticky dirty mess right now from crawling around in the muck, so I had better go clean up so I can greet my public.

     I took out a large lemon balm plant and hubs is going to have to pull out the roots for me with a Pulaski as I am not able to do it.  I want to plant a few more blueberry bushes as the ones we planted a few years ago are doing great.  One thing about being so busy is that I don't spend money.  I did get a ton of bills in last night, so sad.

     Out My Window:  It is beautiful outside and I want to stay out there and bask.

Have a great and productive day!


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