Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, grey weddings!

     I thought bridesmaids were bad but this week it has been groomsmen.  I think every wedding I have done in the past month has been grey.  Yesterday I had to tear a apart a bridesmaid dress that should have been ordered in a size 8 and was ordered in a size 2.  I will have to re bead the whole side.  I had to actually make a slit up the back of the netted back insert and then steal bead patches from another area under the arm and sew a patch over the slit to cover the big hole in the back to make dress fit this girl.  Now know one will be able to tell, but order with your measurements and if you are getting dresses from overseas take your chances and always order larger!

     This is the 3rd too small grey dress I have rescued this month.  Then there are the 5 groomsmen and the groom dressed in you guessed it Grey!  Shorten sleeves, take in pants, hem pants.  Not a problem.  Until, they started to come in from out of town.  One suit was to be a 43 waist and it was labeled 43 but measured a 34, poor Marine couldn't even get the pants past the thighs.  Next was the 48 long coat that was to be a 44 long again mislabeled.  We had one white dress shirt that was big enough to fit a large clown.  So groom called (Men's Warehouse)  they were argumentative until I took the phone away and said I was a professional tailor that had recommended them all the time and their stuff was all miss labeled.  I had a wedding to get done in 2 days and what were they going to do about it!  Well I received a new coat, a new shirt and a new pair of pants over night delivery from 3 different locations.  Now all of these suits were charcoal grey but all slightly different weaves so we will return different pieces.  They did not even argue with me and did not ask groom for a credit card.  I thought that was pretty good service.  Since these pieces were not tried on there was no way for store to know they were miss sized.  This morning I had last groomsman come in and I will be sewing on grey all day!  What a nightmare!

     I already received a $5.00 tip this morning and of course it went right into the pink pig bank. It was a nice way to start the day.  A gentleman needed 2 pairs of pants hemmed while he waited as he was flying out of town.  I put 6 white Mirella tutus that I had soaking in Biz for the last 3 days out on the fence in the front to continue bleaching in the sun.  We purchased these Dress/tutu's 8 years ago and they are so yellowed and dingy, but when I soak and then sun bleach they really come clean.  It looks like fairy land out front.  Tutu's all over the fence.

     I think I am almost to the bottom of the girls crap in the spare room downstairs.  Now I don't mind my girls who have not yet bought permanent homes storing things here but when they come and dig through their stuff and leave a big old mess I object. I have been in messy upheaval for the past 3 months waiting for both the youngest to get settled and I think we might be there.  Maybe?

     Baked 4 loaves of bread last night and plan to do some cleaning today around the basement.  I had better get busy.  Just got a phone call from a panicked bride (Wedding tomorrow)  bridesmaid dress is not fitting.  I asked her if the dress was grey?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I hope you are charging $$$ for all of this! When I was a bridesmaid, my alterations were over $200 for my one dress.....and there was none of this pulling the dress apart stuff.

  2. I agree with Mysti, I hope you are getting your money from this! I cracked up with the tutus on the fence - such a sight!

  3. Wow I cant even imaging trying to stuff my size 8 self into anything that is size 2. Maybe brides think they will magically exceed the law of physics or something... :)

  4. Haha, was the bridesmaid dress grey? Now I am intrigued! And it's funny... I work weddings every weekend, and I havent seen any gray dresses. Purple, blue and pink, yes. But no gray. I am sure they look lovely.