Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday, a little depressed.

     I did nothing in the yard this weekend.  After helping the girls until late Thursday and Friday night I was just too wiped out to really do anything on Saturday.  I kind of had the attitude of who says I have to work every single second of every single day?  But unfortunately the studio upper studio and costume closet were looming in the background.  I have been avoiding this as it is hours of back breaking work.  Finally at 6 p.m. Saturday night I knew I had to get down there.  D#2 met me with her boyfriend and we worked until 11 p.m.

     Hauled a truck load (yes the truck is loaded again) of crap out of the attic and went through every costume to see what we wanted to get rid of.  We have two racks of costumes we are going to sell at a street sale.  We did not finish and I got up on the (Sabbath, yikes) and went back down and finished the upper two rooms.  Then D#2 and boyfriend and I went back down about 7 p.m. when Hubs had Orchestra rehearsal and finished.  The place looks great.  It was so nice to have a strong man to help haul things around.  I even redid the windows.

     I told my ballet Mistress she could do a workshop to help pay for her honeymoon.  I was not going to pay her wages like I did last summer as I lost money, but she could do her own advertizing and arranging and getting teachers down there.  We have had to pull hens teeth to even get 10 people to take a 2 week workshop.  I don't know what she did but she has at least 20 kids down there and I should have paid her.  But when I do that I feel that I have to stick around and I really make so much more money sewing.  I hate to leave the shop day after day.   It is a catch 22.

     I need to make a trip to the dump and then hit the shop hard.  I have already sewn about $40.00 worth today.  My finances are very scary right now and I need to see what I have to do to get some bills paid.  The house payment is paid but that is it.  The studio accounts are broke and I need to pay some bills.  I don't for see money coming in until the Celtic workshop and then I have to pay the professional that is coming in.  I will have to borrow money again and it is only June.  Usually this happens in July or August.  I knew this was coming, so frustrating.  I work so darn hard and just never seem to get ahead down there.  We are seriously considering  turning to a non profit status.  I just want my debt paid off and then I don't care who takes it over.  I am tired.  As much as I love my students and the arts I just want to be done.

     I am not very chipper today, sorry.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It is ok to not be chipper all the time. But it just seems that there should be an easier way. I get lost in your finances!

  2. I hear you Kim - I just want to be done too. There just seems to be a point of no return and I've passed that. I've loved my job for years and years but there's a limit to what you can give. You sound tired and you need a break. You may get refreshed again and want to carry on or you may not. Either is ok. Only you will know when you are really and truly done. It seems to me that your sewing is much more practical and straight forward but then dance has been such a huge part of your life. Sounds like you got some thinking to do.

  3. Hugs, Kim! You're losing your wind. Take some time to find a break... early in the morning, late at night, maybe in the middle of the day. Don't let the todo list bury you.


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