Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday, mosey along

     In response to Misty, I have never eaten fried green tomatoes.  I think it is the word fried that stops me.  Although I love fried food it doesn't love me.  If I have to take a vegetable and coat it in eggs, milk, bread crumbs and then cook in butter, of course it will taste good.  My grandmother had a zucchini fritter recipe like this and they were good, but breads crumbs and eggs fried in butter are good right? Okay I am just teasing you, I will see if I can snag a recipe and try them.

     Hubs went to work yesterday but stayed in the office.  I told him he could not take benedryl until he got there and not to go out on logging roads when he was dopey.  Stay in the office and screw things up!  The meds would wear off by the time he got home.  I had beets from the garden and crook neck and zucchini and small onions (fried Misty) then made hamburger patties (with some bread crumbs, egg, and onions mixed in and I sense a pattern here;)) so he could eat immediately, and go to bed or rest.  The yard was due for a mow, but his hand is so tight it is shiny and he still can't wear his watch so that will be put off until today, I think.

     We received our last paycheck from the cleaning job and I am going to pay the house payment with it and some money I have from the shop, and my first SSI check.  That way Hubby's next paycheck can go to other bills.  It is still a wonder to me.  I am not really formulating any plans until after this next workshop because I do not know how much it will bring in to put towards studio bills.  I do know I have teachers lined up and I will just oversee.

     Our medical savings just sent us a card to use which will make it so mush easier.  Hub's and I will be able to pay all excess bills with the card.  We have about $2000.00 a year taken out of hub's checks pre-tax for this, now we will not have to fill out paperwork to be reimbursed, which is a pain and I still have about $350.00 I need to pull records and account for from last year.  The check will be free and clear and I can add it to debt but a pain to prove up at the end of the year for everyone.  I love having the cards.

     My hands are horrible this morning and I am waiting for the Advil to kick in so I can get into the shop.  With all the expensive dangerous drugs I take you would think I could just hop out of bed and start singing, but no it is the slow creep for a few hours.

I have two free dinner entree's at Taco Time and I am going to make hub's take me out.  We dine in style here.  Taco Time.  Okay it is free.

Out My Window:  Hot, dry, hot, I  am sorry I love it!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I think, fried green tomatoes are delicious :)

  2. I've never had them either but I would be willing to give them a try. Hope your workshop makes you a bundle!