Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday, creating my own chaos....

     We had a lovely time at the coast.  Grandson was wonderful and fun.  I love how he plays with his dad and his mom.  He is just a sweetheart although I think a little spoiled, they need another child and soon!  It was so nice to go this year.  We had a room for the first time that just had 2 double beds in it without a kitchenette.  D#1 and her husband had a two bedroom cabin with a kitchen.  All meals were cooked down at the cabin which was about 1/2 a block away.  I did not cook one big breakfast and only cooked one dinner.  I did far less kitchen packing and clean up.  It was so much easier.  We had a small fridge and a microwave in our room.  I would have liked a toaster, but then that is going overboard for the hotel.

     We did not do as much walking as we usually do but we did bike ride.  I wore the skin off my feet in the sand so I guess that is enough walking. Our dog lost weight as she had to go everywhere with everybody.  If we went on a long walk and came back and then B went out she would have to go again.  We really wore her out.  You can actually see her hip bones and this is good as she is getting to be an old fat dog. (Like her owner)

     On the way home I started to get nervous because every time we come home there is a disaster to face, usually involving the death of a pet or water or both.  We are still paying on the sewer collapse of 2012.   I was worried about my chickens it was 102 in Lewiston.  When we got home all was well.  I immediately went out to check on the chickens and water the flowers.  Hubs and B were going to unload the bike rack as I am no help with anything heavy and over my head.  As I was watering I heard Hubs scream my name and then B and it sounded serious so I threw the hose in the pond and came running thinking the bike rack had fallen, but it was just a customer.  So I took care of them and then B wanted me to go with her to get a fan for her apartment.  When I came home I had over filled the pond and started to flood the basement.  (Damn!)  We have not had that happen for a couple of years now.  Then I went looking for my cell phone.

     We had used the navigation on my phone through Portland and I had taken several calls from customers.  Hubs and I switched driving at a very small bump in the road called Touchet.  The cell phone was on my seat next to my leg.  We tore the car apart and unpacked every sock and piece of sand and my cell phone was gone!  We called and called it and we could not hear the ringer even though it was on and ringing.  I never took it in any place and the car was either locked or we were with it every step of the way so no one could have stolen it.  Just gone vanished. Did it get flipped out of the car when we went into the gas station at Touchet?  We do not know, it is a holy mystery. I spent yesterday replacing my cell phone and getting it to sync and retrieving all my info and I also cleaned up my basement mess. So you see I can come home to a perfectly stable environment and create my own chaos!

     Right now I am doing my laundry and I changed the sheets on two of the beds.  I have plenty of sewing to do.  I do need to run to the bank.  It will be nice just to get back into a routine for a little while.  I am also going to run to the studio as we have a workshop starting next week.  I need to get that organized.  Just had another bridesmaid dress call for 1 p.m. so I had better get going and get something done.

Out My Window:  Hot, Hot, Hot.  I love it!  But my flowers are looking frowzy, I think they are getting too much sun.  I need to cut everything back and let it regrow a bit.   Chickens are in the shade of the coop.
Have a great and productive day.


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  1. What a horrible feeling to know that you had the cell phone and it just vanished.

    Glad you had a good trip though!