Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday, sore and tired.

     I was so excited in the weather shift outside I of course over worked myself.    It only topped out at 94 yesterday so I spent 3 hours in the backyard.  I tried to stay in the shade, but managed to get burned.  The backyard and garden are well on their way to weeded and I have 8 large black bags to prove it.  I hope the cooling trend lasts a little longer so I can get to the front.  The front is in full sun almost all day so must be careful.

     We went to a large church picnic yesterday that happens once a year around the 24th of July.   I was not keen on going as I knew the food would be bad and hub's doesn't do well in crowds with his hearing loss.  We were told to bring a watermelon.  So up we show with our chairs and sure enough cheap white hamburger buns (cold) with shredded pork (maybe 2 tablespoons full) then you were supposed to pour different kinds of barbeque sauce over to make a sandwich.  Baked beans  (of course) and potato salad.  More gooey dressing than potatoes. Then there were cookies, assorted chips, and later ice cream.

    Leave it to say I was a little put out as there was not a healthy thing in sight and I never eat white bread unless it is a holiday, I don't put sugar on my meat, and I don't slather beans with sugar either.  Now I like good barbeque but it is different and slow baked beans are delicious.  Everything was over processed and gross.  The ice cream was good.  They forgot about the watermelons and then sent them home with people. So I ate cookies and ice cream.  I am not against sugar, I just want to know that I am eating it.  I love sweets, in fact too much.  But we are a society of future diabetics.  At least they served water and not sugar laden kool-aid.

     About 9:30 last night I made 5 loaves of bread as it had cooled down and we were out.

     So today kids are coming to dinner and I will be eating out of my garden.  I must get cleaned up for church and go wash this sweat head.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


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