Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday, it will be a long day

     I am up and have just put the finishing touches on my shrimp salad and a trifle.  I need to bathe and get ready to go to the church.  I will attend a funeral at 11 and then help in the kitchen before I run to the studio.  I need to get home and get a wedding dress and a bridesmaids dress altered before 5:30.

     There is plenty to eat for dinner so I won't have to worry about that.  It was 111 in downtown Lewiston yesterday.  I am trying to think of what to wear to the funeral.  At least the church will be cooler.

     We did not ride our bikes last night as it was way too hot, but Hub's cleaned the church and I cooked for about 2 hours, it was miserable.  My flower boxes look miserable, I can water 2X a day and they still look parched.  It is supposed to cool down this weekend.

     Okay, black and white summer suit? or black cotton dress?   I have a black Funeral suit but that would be way too warm. I guess as long as I am not naked it really doesn't matter.  I dread going to this Funeral it is just too sad.  There is nothing I can do or say to make things better.  All I can do is show up and pray that my friend will find peace.

     Life has a way of making you pay attention, even if it has to slap you in the face.

Have a great and productive day!


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