Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday, Fruit galore!

     I spent most of yesterday picking fruit and canning and sewing.  It was so hot.  This morning I have to get cleaned up and run both of our gas tanks to get them filled.  One for the grill and one for the outdoor canning stove.  The hot work is done outside.

     I was able to can 5 quarts of tomatoes, 7 quarts of peaches, and 12 pints of apricots in addition to what was done Monday.   I will do apricot jam today.   First I have to do a run through of the house, figure out what I will do for dinner (chicken I think).  I also have to really get serious in the shop.  It is getting over full and when it gets that way I get uncomfortable.

     Son-in-law will be back tonight late and I would like the canning mess to be put away.  I have a big mess on the back deck where we keep all the canning jars that are empty and the supplies.  It needs to be cleaned out and organized and then the food storage down stairs also is a mess and needs to be rotated and organized.  So I have enough to keep me busy today and out of trouble.

     Hub's carried all of the canning down stairs after it cooled.  He also helped me pick, as he is much taller.  The neighbors have another peach tree that is not quite ripe and when it comes on I will do more peaches.  My cupboards in the kitchen need a thorough go through, they are such a mess.Yikes.

     I have flower girl dresses and police uniforms and hems waiting for me in the shop, time to get to work.

Out My Window:  108 again yesterday and no end in site.  I love summer!

     Lena:  I bought a pink belt to match a dress at Ross for $9.00 it also had a fuchsia belt and a grey belt with it.  They were leather and in a set.  I have a fuchsia blouse and I can wear the grey with my denim dress for a change up.  Then I bought a little yellow agate bracelet from a street vendor for $5.00 and Penneys had a necklace and earrings that matched it perfectly.  I am not much for costume jewelry, I have a few pieces of good jewelry that I wear every week.  But this new yellow dress I bought is very plain so I thought why not?  Yes I can wear yellow.  One of the few people I know who can.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. 108 and you love summer? Did I miss sarcasm?! That's too hot!