Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday, headache!

     Woke early with a bad headache, so took some meds and went back to bed.  Just got up and sent hub's to gas the car and change the oil in said car.   Have no real plan for the day, as I made bread last night while I cleaned the kitchen.  Don't think I need any groceries.

     The back yard needs to be cleaned up from the storm and I do need to hand water all the boxes, but I have such a streak of lazy today.  Need to get motivated. Like weed the front yard beds, take a load or two to the dump.  I really would love to make cookies, but I would eat them.  This is our last cool day before a 6 day over 100 stretch.  What to do?

     Have a lazy, crazy, day off!  Yippee!



  1. "have such a streak of lazy today"

    I'm TOTALLY with you on that one!!!

    Enjoy a lazy day if you can :-)

  2. Remember you're on HOLIDAYS!! It's ok to stay in bed and be lazy - that's what holidays are for!!

  3. I'm also laughing at the 'streak of lazy'. Love it, and describes me perfectly sometimes! :-)