Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday, what a mess!

     So glad I worked so hard in the yard last weekend only to have it storm and send branches and leaves all over the backyard and deck, so now I have more clean up!  Many trees down around here.  Neighbor came running over during the news.  The first large maple he and his wife planted on the property did a gun shot and cracked down the middle.  Hub's went over and drilled through with a large bolt and then strapped the trunk together with webbed furniture clamps. This was no easy task for two men during a storm.   We think it will heal, I have saved trees this way.

     Daughter was moving my parents large dresser and I told her to make sure it was lying down, but she wanted everything in one trip (she is so her mother's child) and lost the top drawer by the park above our house.  It was her underwear drawer and it was about 10 p.m. so dark outside and of course it was full of panties, bras etc.  We had a good laugh, but the drawer is in pieces and badly damaged in the front corner so I will have to take it in to my furniture man and have it restored.  Dumb kid.  Never found half her underwear, deer and elk are probably wearing it or a stray raccoon or two.

     Went to pick up Hub's prescriptions last night and saw that wild pink salmon was on sale for $1.49 a lb so bought one and will cook it up tonight if it is good we will go and get more.  We get a good cheap salmon run about once a year here.  Don't know where I am going to put it, I suppose I could get hubs to smoke it, we will see.

     After the storm I was picking large branches out of the garden and discovered 6 large cucumbers.  How did I miss those?  So tonight cucumber, onion and tomato salad, with salmon and fried yellow squash.  Hubs, took meatloaf sandwich to work today. I don't think I will have to cook until Sunday with all we will have left over.

     Well I have a ton of sewing to do before I head to the studio so I am going to finish my beauty routine and get to it! Slap on some face moisturizer and comb my hair!

Must, must, must get some sewing done today!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. BWHAAAHAHAHA! I am picturing a racoon with panties on its head!

  2. LOL! Funny about the underwear! some of it will end up in a nest somewhere...