Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday, Hot here!

     Coming down with something.  Sore throat, sweaty (but it is 102 outside) and I sat under a blanket yesterday with a bad headache.  So when it is 102 and you are shivering under a blanket I think something may be wrong.  Sleep was disturbed last night by sweating.  I have so much sewing to do that is due out tomorrow!

     I am going to take a hot bath and some aspirin and see if I can kick my butt into my sewing room.  The shop was crazy busy yesterday and all I wanted to do was rest under a blanket, but I was up constantly adding more to the pile.

     Was able to get 2 kinds of squash, beets and new carrots out of the garden yesterday.  We have tons of tomatoes but they are all green.  When they do ripen I will be busy.

     Hubs came home last night with bee stings.  He had stepped on a ground hive.  The worst was one on his thumb that spread up to his wrist and he had to take his watch off as there was so much swelling.  I fed him, dosed him with benedryl ? and put him to bed.

     I am going to clean up and try to get busy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Do you ever make fried green tomatoes, or picked green tomatoes....YUM???!!!!

  2. Ouch ouch ouch for hubby. That's absolutely awful! I'm terrified of bees and wasps, and never been bitten, but that's a nightmare. Poor thing. I hope he feels better... and you as well! Being sick during the summer time is no fun at all.