Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday, same old stuff

     The two youngest girls came to dinner last night and then stayed the night.  You should see the family room!  Yikes!  I forgot what a mess those two can make when they stay up snacking and watching movies.  The only thing now is that one is at work and the other needs a ride to her car and she won't get one until she cleans up the mess.  I am such an evil mom.
     Girls brought over steaks, but we hardly touched them as we all ate the fresh veggies from the garden  So many to choose from it was hard and then triple berry pound cake for dessert.  Of course I am back on the diet today:)  I have to see my sissie in about a month and I need to drop a few pounds, she cannot be prettier than I am.  Plus my girlfriends will be there and mom has told them that I am getting so fat!  I love my mother.

     Sick to death of the studio right now and I know that is wrong, I have one more week of this money losing workshop left and I need to treat these kids as if I am not losing money.  They deserve a good workshop even if there are fewer of them.  I just don't like it hanging over my head and having to get down there everyday. My problem is that I just don't want to be bothered with going down there.  I will go and I will be cheerful and enthusiastic.

     I have a great deal of sewing to do, and ironing, and laundry, and cleaning.  The housekeeper comes on Wednesday for the upstairs, but the downstairs is scary. It needs my love and concentration for a few hours at least.

     There are things I have been putting off as usual, so this week I am going to concentrate on getting these things done.

1. take back all props and costumes to high school
2.  Get B's college papers sorted
3. get bills turned in to our medical account for last year 
4.  mail fabric to my Aunt and out of the shop
5. really clean the downstairs

     See I have a list, now I just need to do it!

Out My Window:  Beautiful and HOT!

Have a great and productive day!

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