Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday, Thanks for missing me!

     My apologies to the Sluggster for not clearing the schedule.  I guess I talk to all of you in my head all the time so just figured my voices spoke to your voices.  Obviously our medications need to be checked.  Still recovering from the trip but yesterday other than really sore hips sockets was much better.

     I had 4 wedding dresses come in yesterday afternoon so I will be a busy beaver with everything else that needs to be done.  Paid a few bills yesterday and I am still very broke but can see light at the end of the tunnel.  Remember broke is a condition, poor is a state of mind.  I live a perpetually broke life not a poor one.  I am anxious to up date my totals for August as that darn Sarah is so far ahead of me and I just want to be neck and neck. It is so fun to race her (again in my mind).  I am determined to catch up and maybe just maybe get ahead of her...........  See my competitive spirit?

     I received the house payment voucher and we have fallen below $90,000 on the house which I will post next week when all the August totals are in as Hub's gets paid tonight.  You all know how I love to fall below a thousand place even if it is only $1.  I just feel a shoot of progress.  When I finally fall below the $100,000 mark I will be in heaven!

     I went to the grocer yesterday, as they had sugar on sale, olive oil, peanut butter all staples in our pantry.  There was a limit on the # of items bought.  I plan to do a spending freeze in September as we are taking another trip with Hub's folks the middle of October.  They cannot travel by themselves and we must go with them.  I want to save for the trip as plane tickets will be bought by them.  So I have a fully stocked freezer and pantry.  I will only need to buy milk and fresh fruit, maybe yogurt and cheese, some salad fixings.  It is my preparation for the fall season and the holidays.

     Well my sewing machine awaits.......

     Out My Window:  It got to 97 today, this has been one hot summer, but I am not complaining the cold will be here soon enough!

Have a great and productive day.



  1. WOW! Getting below $100,000 on a house would be a miracle for me. Congratulations! You are very right that being poor and broke are two completely different things. None of us are poor, we may be broke, but none are poor!


  2. Glad to see your back..I am just catching up on blogs myself. I know going under makes you soooooooooooooo happy

    Judy udy

  3. OK, Kim. I am trying with all my might to drop below $100,000 by the end of this year. As in Dec. 31. Want to race?????

    1. You betcha! I have my hair in a pony tail and I have on my tennies, and I am ready to go!