Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday, making mistakes

$47.12, cereal, sugar free ice cream bars (hub's) soda, cottage cheese, tortillas.  I have no idea what hub's ate last night.  I am a bad wife.  I know he called me and asked for the sugar free Klondike bars.

     I have been sewing too much.  I come home at night and sew on costumes.  I could feel that last night I needed to just relax and I ignored myself and did a costume all wrong and now must tear it apart.  This is what I get for not listening to my inner voice.  This is the same voice that says,"eat chocolate."

     I am frustrated beyond measure with the studio right now.  I have almost $3000.00 in tuition and costumes that has not been paid.  It is always the same people or the newbies.   I cannot pay the rent, I have not paid the utilities, for last month.  I am holding a check for almost $500.00 and have been since February.  I had to put $300.00 of my own money into the account to get payroll done.  I did not get any money yet for sewing any of these costumes.  So I wrote a note on the white board about needing to pay the rent.  I received one check took it right to the bank and it would not clear. I am going to get Dave (board President) to draft a letter.  Or at least sign my letter to these parents.  I love my students and they make all the frustration worth while, but I would like to string up some of the parents.

     What a negative post this is turning into.  On a good note I did receive an unexpected check in the mail from an old debt, so I will be putting that on the car, just look at my snowflake board!  That makes me feel a little less agitated about money.  Or maybe have more faith in the world.

     Out My Window:  Something is wrong because I don't even want to go outside and plant anything.  Usually I am anxious to get out in the dirt and I don't even care right now.  Need to get my mojo back....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Those constant late payers would drive me nuts. I think I'd have to implement a late payment fee as an incentive to get timely payments.

  2. It's unforgivable that these parents string you along. This is your business! Do they get to do this to other businesses? No. I second the late fee policy.

  3. You are out of it because you have too much on your mind and money is the number one stressor! I feel for you! I am there a lot! We both need to work on our mojo!

  4. So sorry about the late payee's. I would suggest for the next dance season that you get the last months lesson fees up front (kind of like a deposit) which would give you some working capital to cover delinquent payments. I would also add a late fee for anything over 15 days late unless they had made arrangements with you beforehand. Dance is a business, just like every other business.

    I know a couple of the dance studios here also have a monthly costume fee added into the lessons. When it comes recital time no one is out a large amount of cash for the costume and the costumers fees have been paid up front. Maybe something like that will work for you next year.

  5. I agree I would make them pay upfront or they don't participate. I would also agree with Jennifer you have much too much going on. You need a couple of days away from it all......good luck

  6. Most sport and dance classes here have you pay in advance or some of them make the parents sign post dated cheques for the entire year. That way they can't say they forgot but of course the cheque may bounce. In that case the fine is usually a hefty one so most parents seem to be able to avoid that. Make the kids have to pay for their costumes to be in the recital. If you can't pay for the costume you can't be in the recital or dance. You really need to implement "pay in advance" thing so you can pay your bills. It's not fair to you that these people are always late paying and you get stressed trying to juggle all the bills.