Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday, crazy weekend

     Now I sound like Mc Val, but it was a crazy busy weekend.  Too much going on and I could have added more. 

     Friday I went out to lunch with the board President and he talked me off the ledge.  He is full of great ideas to help stem this problem next year. Just good to bounce idea's off another person and also complain and someone listens who cares.  Very cheap therapy and he paid for lunch.  By the way thank you Dave.

     After lunch I should have gone home and finished the costume I screwed up but I went to Home Depot instead. I was going to check there mark down plants, the vendors were busy pulling plants and replacing them with new plants.  Now it is not Hope Depot that marks the plants down at there place but the vendors.  I asked one of the vendors what they were going to do with the beautiful huge $8.98 geraniums they were pulling.  She said marking them down to $1.50.  So I bought all they had as they are my favorite  potting flower.  I also picked up other things marked down.  I had a gift card and only spent $6.45.  then I went to Shopko and bought a flat of marigolds.  It poured rain the rest of the day, but by the evening I was able to get out and plant several things in the garden.  Then I went in a did as much work as I could on a costume.

     Saturday was an all day rehearsal.  The first two acts were a little grueling.  Too many little ones and not enough help.  Ballet Mistress on a role.  She is very OCD about things.  Needs to learn a little control.  She was also verbally very rude to me.  I can take it, but not good for the students.  However me jumping into the fray in front of them is not good either so this is an issue for another day.  I don't think she realizes that she is rude not having the best sense of the social cues, but she needs a little work.  This said just say I made it through the day.

      By 2:30 things were winding down and I had three dancers to get ready for a memorial service we were dancing at.  I got them into costume ,wigs, makeup and then loaded them all into the car.  I changed into spring funeral suit and cleaned up at the studio.  We made the dash over to the hotel where the memorial was being held.  It was packed!  Old Irish Senators family.  The girls were of course darling and they danced very well and were their charming selves.  The food was awful.  I had to stop after a bite of several items.  They paid per plate for this garbage.  I shudder.

     We were invited to a Wine, Stein and Dine benefit and would have loved to have gone, but hub's was out with the scouts and I had to come home and change for a Wedding reception.  I was also very tired.  Hubs was home by 7:30 and he had to speak in another ward on Sunday so needed to finish his talk.  We also were expected at a service project at 1 in the afternoon in Orofino.  We were to bring something for potluck and hand tools and something to plant. So here we are at 8:00 trying to decide what to bring.  I am way to tired to cook anything.  We bought two very awful looking cakes at Albertsons and a few more marigolds.

     Sunday was up dress, church.  Hubs did very well then home , change clothes into grubbies and drive to Orofino.  We had a potluck and worked until 5:30.  This is an office mate of Hub's that has jaw cancer and is in treatment in Arizona.  He has a huge place, 20 acres.  I think there was were about 30 adults there and plenty of lawnmowers and trimmers.  The place was very spiffy when we left.  I weeded for about 4.5 hours and my hands were very sore.  Hubs drug branches and slash burned.  Now the office must rotate days to go and set the water and and turn it off until this man comes home in July.  Major work.  We will go out again in June.  It takes a village.

     Home again exhausted.  Needed to bake bread again and do laundry.  Hub's had quartet practice.  He went and I took a short nap and read a novel.  No bread and no laundry.......Okay so I am a slacker.

    I decided this morning to clean up the fridge and do laundry.  I will do a run through of the house then hit the shop. Need to do some banking.  The phone has rung off the hook since 9 and the shop has already had 5 people in it.  I just need to breath and do what I can.  I can do a lot.  Say this over and over again.

Out My Window:  It was very rainy and cooler this weekend with some sun.  We need the moisture so I am not complaining.  I am slowly a little bit at a time getting the garden and boxes done.  I told hubs he must plant the onions, potatoes and corn.  I will finish up the back off and on over the next month.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. you can only do what you can.........there's always tomorrow!! Did you get your housekeeper sorted out?

  2. You need a restful weekend where you can bake, garden and sew. How wonderful you all are for helping a friend like that. I am not sure many in my neck of the woods would do that. Take Care Kim!

  3. Weekends are too short & there is never enough time. I always make a list on Fridays & by Sundays I haven't crossed even half the stuff off. I should make a list that just has eating, drinking, & sleeping on it ..... that I could accomplish LOL