Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday, What day is it?

No spend, Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches for dinner with salad.  I reorganized the food storage down stairs.  I don't know why in such a busy day I had time to do this.  But I am some what OCD when it comes to tasks.  I am sure you have not noticed this trait.;)  We really are getting the food down and that is so nice.

     I did not get any sewing done for the shop yesterday, but I did finish the little fox hunter costumes and they are adorable.  Red tail coats with black collars and gold buttons, beige jodper pants, top hats with red ribbons and a feather, just adorable I tell you.  I also cut out the pattern for the mother in Mary Poppins.  I plan on getting her done today.  Just counting down the costumes.

     There is sewing I have to do for the shop today.  I have three bridesmaid dresses and at least 9 pairs of pants before I can start on costumes.  The good light over my sewing table has decided to go bonkers and it needs new bulbs.  I cannot replace them.  Dang!  I hope my Ott lite is enough or I guess I can move my machine. Hubby can replace them when he gets home.

     My house payment is due tomorrow and I have been trying so hard to get enough money to pay that.  I do have savings but I did not want to touch that.  The dance studio is so behind in money right now because of costume charges.  I can't even write or talk about it as I frustrates me so.  I have to get down there this morning and take care of a few things.  I have not paid the rent at the studio or the studio phone, utilities for last month or this month just no funds yet.  I swear there are days I would just give up if it wasn't for my students.

     Our youngest called and she received  94% on her immunology final, she was so excited.  That is always a lift when your kids are excited. 

     I had better get my butt in gear.  (Thought:  what if we had gears in our butts?)

So my questions are?

Sluggy have you cleaned off that bed yet?
Sarah snuck (not a word) in any more payments when I was not looking?
Gill knitted any more hats?
Sew not my Day are those dresses hemmed or are you eating cake with your husband?
Jane are you off the couch?  Roll over and see if your butt gears are working because mine are.
Sis, can you see yet?

Have a great and productive day!





  1. Would love to see pictures of the fox hunter costumes. They sound really cute. I am impressed with your abilities and the amount of sewing you do. It does not come naturally to me and if the instructions said run around the table 3 times singing tribal songs I would have to do it.

  2. :) Your hunter costumes sound adorable.

    We are celebrating with dinner tonight and then a nice long weekend moving my daughters junk home from college... ROMANTICAL TIMES!

  3. Well I am about halfway done cleaning off the bed of my clothes.
    Will finish today/tonight......have to as my summer things are buried in that pile and I can't go to LA without the summer stuff! lolz