Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday, Happy Memorial Day!

     Here is an update of Kim's life.

Friday:  drove 10 hours round trip to pick up mom.  She is very week.  Talked to two neighbors both say she needs to sell and move.  They are sad but it is time.  Her house looked great.  Clean and everything we had done looked so ice.  The flowers were beautiful and not dead.  I went to Bill on the Hill ( a story for another time).  He is to water and watch the house.  If he sees a light on he is to go check if they don't answer the door he is to call 911.  He has already reported and my nephew was in house picking up Birthday presents for his little girl that mom had left.   That is okay but other brother sneaking in is not okay.  Of course Mom was mad about this as she does not want the house watched.  This is my life now.

Saturday:  daughter down from Spokane to move and help with a girlfriends wedding.  We spent about 2 hours shopping with grandma and it was fun.  Then home to take hub's out and buy groceries for memorial day Sunday dinner.  Also bought hub's 5 pairs of new pants.  They were on sale at Eddie Bauer for $8 to $11 a pair.  It was a stock up.  He has lost 15 lbs and I can take them in as he loses more.  I am proud of him.

Sunday:  Church, home to meet a bride and get a mock up of her bridesmaids dresses done.  She had about three ideas from the Internet and we put them all together.  So now I know what to do, the wedding is in August.  I normally don't work on the Sabbath but this was an ox in the mire situation with the bride from out of town.  Then we had a barbecue the food was all delicious.  I picked all of mom's rhubarb and made strawberry rhubarb pie.  Mom made potato salad.   We had corn and watermelon, burgers and brats.We had nephew and family over and the older couple we kind of take care of. I helped my nephew and his wife finish up some costumes they were in charge of but their machine broke.

Monday:  I am really tired and really behind on my sewing both for the show and the shop.  It will be fine I will get it together.  Mom is a lot of work and I forget how much time she needs.  She sat down on the porch by the pond when we were at church and then could not get up.  When we got home a neighbor was at the house and he had come over to help her.  Thank goodness for great neighbors.  She is in  pan this morning with her legs.  Severe Charley horses last night.  Moaned and groaned all night long.  She is also a little grouchy. Fun with mother, but I would rather have her here than anywhere else.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I hear you Kim! It is wonderful to have time with our parents but when the parent/child roles start to reverse it get a little challenging for both sides. Good luck as you muddle through it. I would offer words of wisdom but I am muddling through the same path.

  2. Your mom my have an electrolyte imbalance like low sodium, potassium or even magnesium. My elderly mom had low sodium and suffered with some leg cramps. Also, electrolyte imbalance can cause confusion. Might be worth checking out ( I'm an old nurse ). Getting old is NOT for the faint of heart! Good luck.

  3. You are such a good daughter. I hope that when my own parents start to need me that I can be there for them like you are for your mother.