Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday, time to catch up

No spend, Chicken legs and salad for dinner.  I made 4 huge loaves of bread.  Cleaned out the fridge, it was disgusting.  I must get to the grocery store sometime today.  I need to clean out both freezers and take an inventory, but doubt I have time for a while.  We can start picking lettuce for salads from the garden so I will not buy any more greens for a few months.

     The shop was crazy busy yesterday, and so far this morning looks like the same status.  So I really must get busy.  They want a photo shot of Mary and Bert Wednesday and I need to finish their costumes.  No pressure.  But I have a lot to do.

     Because I was feeling so emotionally overwhelmed on Friday, I thought about what I could do to make myself feel better and more in sync.  I want a good productive week, there is plenty of time to get everything done but I need to use my time wisely.  So yesterday I did not sew, I cleaned up the shop really well, did the laundry and went through the bedrooms and the kitchen. I made bread and ground a bunch of wheat for future baking.  I really cleaned out the fridge which was so gross.  Now I feel like my routine is back to normal,  Get up feed the chickens, make the bed(s) figure dinner, know what is happening in the house and then attack the shop.  Running right to the shop and letting everything else slide was bugging me.  Sometimes you have to do that, but after a month I just felt out of my element.
     The new housekeeper, did a great job, but the house was so behind she was not able to finish and will start with one room at a time.  A general clean of the upstairs and a deep clean of one room.  It looked so much better.  It is the day to day stuff that I was letting slide.

     Hub's took a long walk while I was teaching last night and then I shamed him into planting some onions.  When I am out on errands today I am going to get some seed potatoes for him and more corn. He has to hula hoe the garden and plant the potatoes, onions and corn.  I will have to stay on him.

     Well I have curtains and bridesmaid dresses, and army uniforms, mending, pants to hem.  It is never ending. My machine is calling.

Have a a great and productive day!



  1. You are insanely busy. It seems wrong to say glad you took a little time out of the shop only to clean. Wishing you some "you" time.

  2. I'm thinking I should dig out my sewing machine and come and help you!