Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday, 48 phone calls!

  No spend, took out chicken cordon blue I had purchased on a good sale and cooked it for dinner with a salad.  It was awful.  Dry tasteless.  Not like the kind I make fresh that is for sure.  But one had to try.
I did finally get bread made yesterday.

     I had 48 phone calls yesterday from 7 in the morning until about 5:00.  I about went nuts.  Now a couple of those were from family double checking on mom.  But all the rest were business.  The shop was crazy busy.  I keep trying to catch up and it is useless.  I did not go into the studio yesterday just so I could get some costuming done.  Worked until about 9:30 last night and went to bed so over tired. 

     Took in 5 more bridesmaid dresses and about 10 pairs of pants.  I am about to give up trying to catch up as I think I get busier.  I did get a start on the 4 little fox hunter costumes and plan to get those done today.  The pants are finished except for the elastic that needs to be sewn.  Then I have to do the jackets.  I have the collars done and the tails, I just have to turn and press them. I like to do multiples in pieces as it saves time.  My ballet Mistress has all the chimney sweep hats cut out.

     Hub's and I spent the morning in Craigmont, Idaho at a retirement meeting.  He stayed for a fire school revamp.  Even though he does not fight fire any more he still has to be certified as a camp boss and will continue to do this until he is no longer able, even after he retires.  It is an emergency measure by the Governor.  So often our certified people end up in California, or Arizona and then Idaho is short of trained personnel. I drove home and he will catch a ride with someone else.  Learned a lot about retirement.  I think we will be okay.  He can convert all of his sick leave into money to pay for his medicare supplement.  Maybe for as much as two years.  He rarely uses his sick leave. 

     He went to his Neurology appointment yesterday and just as he pulled into the parking lot he got a phone call saying the Neurologist had been called out on an emergency.  So they rescheduled.  He then went to his regular doctor and he has lost 12 lbs.  His blood pressure was down to 112/ over something.  Which as far as I am concerned is too low.  But what do I know?  I am a little frustrated about putting off the neurology appointment as he has several markers for Parkinson's.  It is scary and I want to know.  I feel like I am sitting on a time bomb not knowing.  I keep watching him like he is going to blowup.

     I did not take my cell phone with me this morning and I only had 8 phone calls when I got home at 12:30 so this day is going a little better.  I don't need to be at the studio until 5.

     I have a new housekeeper staring today.  She will come every other week for 4 hours and do the bathrooms, and the floors, dusting and wipe down of the main floor.  I had a young girl for the last few months.  But she has done such a poor job.  I know it takes at least 4 hours to keep up my upstairs the way I want it done.  You have to move the furniture and take up all the rugs.  There are 17 throw rugs in 8 rooms all hardwood floor's.  We have animal's that shed like crazy.  The only thing that is not moved is the baby grand piano and you have to clean under it.  This girl would stay 2 hours and  do a terrible job.  I left her detailed lists, but she just did not get it.  I don't think I am that picky.  When I am paying someone $20.00 and hour I want it done right.  I would do this myself but I do not have the time and my hands lock up when I scrub

Out My Window:  It poured rain last night, and we really need the rain so that is good.  But I am freezing and have been all day.  I think I will have to turn the heat back on.  I think it is supposed to stay rainy the rest of the week.

     How many phoe calls did you get yesterday?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. My goodness 48 phone calls is a TON!! I don't get 48 phone calls in a month. Now, don't talk to me about email and texts. That is how most customers contact me. Business is picking up for me as well. Hope all the sewing goes smoothly - I tend to make mistakes when I am tired.

    We love our house cleaners - hope this one works out for you!

  2. I guess it is the time of year for weddings isn't it? My phone rarely rings unless someone is trying to sell me something. Most of my friends text me and I skype with people who live far away. It's kinda weird when you think about it - the phone used to be my connection to everyone. I'm sorry to hear about the Parkinson markers but so far they're only markers. Let's hope it stays that way. I had to turn the furnace back on yesterday and I hated to do it but I was freezing too! Thanks for your supportive comments Kim - I'm sure too that you could make me laugh until I cried :) :)

  3. My goodness...48 is a ton of phone calls! I think I got 1 call yesterday and maybe 2 text messages and that was it.

  4. Your cleaner makes more per hour than I do....I will come clean for ya....I am quite an expert at this point

  5. Well, I work in Customer Service, so I had my share of calls as well. Some day I'll have to keep track. It's freezing here too. I couldn't wait for May because I *thought* that meant it would be warm! Oh well, it can always be worse. No earthquakes, tornadoes or floods!

  6. I'm sorry I dropped plants by for you to put in your garden...sounds like you didn't need that! I see the light at the end of the tunnel...

  7. If my phone rings I know it is one of 4 people who call. All others use email or text. I can't imagine 48 calls.